Sunday, 27 January 2019


I can't believe this blog's been dead for over a year. According to the analytics, apparently there's still a tiny handful of visitors who still check back every so often? Y'all are the real MVPs, I swear.

Anywhozzles. Gonna attempt to revive this blog :)

Truthfully, I do miss documenting gr8 moments in my life. From monumental happenings to simple daily joys, and everything else in between.

I also miss having a low-key private avenue to pour my emo heart out to on lonely nights...

And immediately afterwards, an archive of happy memories I can scroll through and digitally relive.


Of course, I've been wanting to hop back on the wagon several times. But I find that the overwhelming commitment of a full "comeback post" frightens me off. And I'd rather not try my hand at something at all if I know I'm not gonna see it through. So, let's start off with something short and simple!


Had brunch with Thomas at Sinpopo today. The last ever post on this blog was about a cafe outing with Thomas too, what a crazy coinky-dink. Actually Joyce was supposed to join too, but she last minute CMI. Holy shit. See, this is what I love about blogging. Being able to see concrete proof of how your life progresses through the eras, what changes and what remains constant.

(Can I just say that I'm goddamn grateful that my friendship with BMC exists to this day <3)

Have been wanting to try Sinpopo out since fo' evaaaaa. Like, literally since 2015 when I first discovered them during my TSL internship days. But the distance deterred me...Not only is it located all the way in the East, I don't quite fancy venturing to places not directly linked to an MRT station lol. My navigationally-challenge ass be gettin lost left, right and centre.

Was a little shocked to find out their entire menu comprised of upgraded local dishes, since I was really looking forward to some good ol' Western-style brunch classics like Eggs Benedict and whatnot. Or a good plate of creamy scrambled eggs, mmmmm~~

Thomas recommended their Nasi Lemak for 2 set meal though, and oof. It's priced at a whopping $28 before GST. That's like, 14 boxes of Ananas nasi lemak lmao

I love variety and getting to sample multiple small dishes as opposed to having just one big main, so all the different components to the meal were a real treat. It's also great for sharing coz you get to "trade" which dishes you enjoy more. My fave were the sambal ikan bilis (TOP NOTCH, i tell you) and curry potatoes (ironic coz it's a nasi lemak dish, not curry rice), so I opted for more of those while letting Thomas have my fair of the fatty fermented pork cutlet bits and homemade fish cake. Which were super yummy still, just not my thang~~

I prefer lean meat, and I'm allergic to white fish altogether lol

Super interesting how they put potato wedges into the curry as opposed to traditional potato chunks.

The coconut rice was super fragrant, and there's half a runny-yolked egg hiding underneath! Loveee <3

Luncheon ham chips were A++. Har jeong kai chicken wings were succulent on the inside, but the batter was waaay too thick and excessive (Thomas: "Why don't you just pour flour into my mouth instead??" lmao). Rojak was...rojak. Lol. Neither Thomas nor I are fans of rojak in general so we kinda left it untouched. I swooped up all the youtiao pieces tho.

For dessert: Torched pandan souffle ($8)

EXPLOSIVELY rich in pandan flavours. If you love pandan chiffon cake, this is like a robust creamy counterpart that'll send you into dairy heaven (assuming you aren't lactose intolerant, in which case you'll descend into laosai hell instead).

The biscuit crumble was really salty. I get that it's to balance things out but at certain points it was Dis a full-on salt lick.

Sesame cookie shard was okay(?), but I wouldn't be able to tell coz I don't fancy the flavour of sesame seeds in the first place huehuehue

The pure white whipped foam was so pleasing to the eye, but it literally is just a mound of flavourless foam lol. Good to pair with the super sweet pandan cream, I guess.


Alrighty das all for now. I honestly don't know when my next post's gonna be or what it'll be about. We shall see lol

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

HUAT AH!: chye seng huat hardware cafe.

Back at it again with the stunning visual concept and exceptional culinary works of art <3

The steps leading up to this fine ass food establishment always has me quivering with excitement :D

teehee lol

Thomas' smoked salmon concoction. Oh yes, we snagged some outdoor seats this time and the sunny atmosphere was spectacular indeed! The sweltering heat, however, was not.

Also, there was a jolly little butterfly flapping around the plants next to our table hoping to make our acquaintance. But Joyce and I just yelped in fear like lil bitches™ every time it entered our vicinity.

too much ~*NATURE*~ lol  abort, abort!!1

Joyce had herself this sweet treat of towering toast and jammy fruit components alongside a colossal dollop of vanilla ice cream. The koala-tea (ha ha "panda coffee") kind with visible vanilla specks. Fancy~!

I caved and ordered the breakfast platter again, coz it's just too darn good. Pity they overcooked mah scrambled eggs this time, though :\

Bad eggs = A Bad Time


To end off, here are some shots of their ridiculously sexy pastry display space:

It's actually infuriating how much I want to gobble everything down as if money and calories weren't a factor of consideration xoxo

How dare you look so tantalising!!!!!!

Friday, 28 July 2017


Giddy up, cowboys (lol whut). It's time for yet another post of just food pics! w0w0w0w so exciting, quality content right hurr sia

Went to some CBD bagel place at Tanjong Pagar with Thomas. First time in my gosh darn life I had bagels, and they tasted amaaazing. Mine was like cinnamon raisin with a maple cream cheese spread or some shit. Fucking phenomenal coz I love cinnamon and I LOVE maple syrup, what a perfect combo.

Thomas' was some glorious meaty mayhem that looked super filling and probably tasted bombbb.

I forgot the name of the bagel store but all the dudes who worked there look fineeeee as hell lol IM SERIOUS. I legit got up mid-meal and changed seats so I could get a better view of cutie workin the cashier, like daaaamn <3

Haven't gone back since then but yeah. I'm tryna smash lol


Solo lunch at Han's, one of my all-time favourite fuss-free eateries hehe

I'm a slut for omelettes (why cant i just say "i like omelettes" like a normal person tbh) and I always get this ham and cheese one. They are VERY generous with the fillings, resulting in this orgasmic, ooey gooey creation right here,

Holy fuckeroni. How good does that look?? As a cheese lover I just wanna SLURP IT ALL UP. FUCK!!!!!!

Oh yeah their chips are superb, too. Super flavourful, crunch game str0nk. Bellisimo, really.


This is just some lasagna, wasn't mind-blowing or anything but the sunlight made for a pretty spectacular photo (if i do say so mah self teeHEE) so yeah.

Here we go, more pics from that cafe:

"Tippuccino"!! HAHA lol so cute sia. Coffee puns all

This is Shrove Tuesday, btw. A.k.a the cafe at which A Latte Love was filmed. Holy shit, that was a pretty iconic period of my youth. Funny how you do random stuff day by day but when you look back upon it years later on, it's like. Golly~! That was truly special indeed.