Thursday, 20 October 2016


Final batch of Perth '16 pics to clear :)

Day out in the city~~

I remember us passing by a sushi restaurant with the stereotypical "Asian name" signboard and it just made me think of this meme lol:

I couldn't stop chanting FUKU DEN to my sis for the next hour or so. It sounds so cute and catchy dontchu think? hahahaha


Such pretty sights!

You know your family is CRAZY 'bout local cuisine when y'all dine at a Singaporean family restaurant literally within the first three days of the vacation Down Under lol

Obviously not as good as the stuff you can get back home. And waaay overpriced, too. But I like that they make for a slightly innovative twist on local classics! Just tastes and FEELS kinda different, somewhat. Ja feel?

Teddy paid a visit to our actual backyard. What a #blessing!! He actually got so excited about exploring a new space that he peed all over my dad's shoes lmao CALM DOWN TED.

Gorgeous juice displays @_@

I love how they look like colourful little vials of potion!! So preetz~~~

My mum bought these two for me to sample coz they were on sale. Otherwise they'd be priced pretty darn extravagantly lol #healthlyfe

The yellow one was like a banana smoothie dealio that contained VANILLA (love love love) so it was obvs mucho DELICIOUSO. That green shit doe...included lotsa actual veggies, green AND otherwise.

I've had spinach smoothies before so it's nothing new...but YO that extreme celery flavour was fucking my tastebuds up so hard, bruh.

Not good at all  T^T

My sister REALLY loves taking selfies with me, as u can see.

Is that not a look of pure joy?? lel

Mazarin cake/pastry thing from Miss Maud. I've legit been eyeing this lil treat every time I stopped by a Miss Maud for the past 4 years or so lol. Desperate much?

Finally got my mum to buy one for me to try (in case you're wondering, every time i travel with my parents, i pretty much have zero spending power coz mi madre handles ALL our finances). It was...aight. lel

Like a soft cookie encased in a crumbly pastry, topped off with sharply sweet icing. Interesting texture, I'll give you that!

Now THIS Miss Maud treat, I loooove. Elmo cookie (the orange blob is supposed to be the nose, the poor eyes got smudged away by the paper bag heh) which features two butter biscuits sandwiched together with marshmallow whip. Then a big ol' dollop of marshmallow fluff (THE GOOD STUFF <3) studded with sugar rice sprinkles. Ahhh!! So chewy and fluffy and just straight-up sugary sinfulness~~

Ok, last of Miss Maud stuff lol. The frog/lizard thing is like, a creative kiddy interpretation of a traditional Swedish princess cake I guess. kewtzz :)

Rainbow cake! Can't remember where it's from but my mum and sis ate it. I nicked a bite (as i always do lol) and it was pree good.

Cannot remember for the life of me why I tasked my lil sis to help me take this pic.

But I am gettin some serious slenderman vibes.......ok

Also do not remember the purpose behind THIS pic...maybe for the fluffy ass car seat covers? Maybe to showcase the drastic thigh size difference?? lol

My sis smol AF.

Trypophobia alert.......


lol ok but on a serious note.

These crumpets are maaaaad delicious yo. Especially when drowned in quality maple syrup...and all that sticky golden goo just seeps into every one of those gosh darn CREVICES. UNFFFF

Ending off with one of my favourite parts of Aussie trips:


lol i feel like we could've done without all those "ass" inclusions but u kno wat i mean.

Oz's selection of flavoured milk is straight up glorious?? My go-to would be the extra strong coffee milk (SO good omg) and if I'm ~*feelin fancy*~, honeycomb chocolate milk. Ahhhh!! I luv me some honey ♡

I mean, with packaging and copy writing like THAT?? Cmon. U just can't not love it.

Sunday, 16 October 2016


I cannot believe that.........after MONTHS of playing Pokemon Go like a maniac.....and not having so much as SEEN a goddamn Snorlax in any of the [minimum 7] exotic locations I'd traversed for the SOLE purpose of catching some rare Pokey Manz...............

I finally got one.

Through walking 10 solid kilometres lol

WORTH IT!!!!!!!


In between the first blogged mention of my PoGo craze and now, I actually went through a solid THREE WEEKS or so where I didn't even touch the game. Something about having to write an article about it just snuffed out all the interest I had in Pokemon Go.

Still, I left the application lingering in my phone. Never finding it necessary to press "uninstall". Perhaps I knew in my heart all along, that the spark would be rekindled soon enough~~ ♡

And yes I am well aware of how tragic it is that I'm THIS obsessed with Pokemon Go...when a solid 80% or more of the once active players have already fallen off the bandwagon and never looked back.

Let me flex my gym wins's all i have to brag about now :'))

Ffs, half of my entire Instagram profile has been hijacked by supremely loser-ish, unnecessarily overexcited posts of my Pokemon sightings lmao. While the rest of my peers upload pics of them hanging out with loved ones, getting turnt up in various nightlife scenes...fucking RELATIONSHIP GOALS of them smooching their boyfriends (*rolls eyes but secretly im bitter af and if i had a significant other, best believe i'd be posting cute and nauseating snaps of us all day err day*) and whatnot.

Another 10 km egg hatch that had me pretty darn chuffed. It happened while I was about to cross the road to go to my campus and is2g I almost shat my pantaloons right there and then.. .

It's ridiculous and as soon as this season of PoGo blows over, I'll look back at all this and realise I was crazy. But as of now, this is just where my life's at lol

and it's pree fun
and gets me out of the house
and into the glorious SUNSHINE
(yaaaas, bask in all dat vitamin D)
so i ain't even mad :)

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

imagine a platypus wearing a tux. [Fancy Food @ Platypus Kitchen]

A couple years back, I blogged about a family meal I had at Bugis Junction that was just so gosh darn, FRICKIN' fancy, I went on to have wet dreams about the restaurant's exquisite offerings for months and months to come.

never knew i'd talk about wet dreams and my family in the same sentence, but ya. also i tend to have pretty extreme run-on sentences so anything is possible, really.

You can really tell that it took place ages ago because back then, I still avoided salmon like it was the black plague, believing that I was allergic to it just like I am to white fish. SALMON!! The one true love of my life (not really lol that would be Sad)! Can you imagine??

As f8 (that's "fate" for you un-hip, millennial folk lol)(im kidding, no offence) would have it, the restaurant still exists to this very day! Only at a different part of the mall altogether, having undergone a swanky renovation as well.

Forrealzies, it's that level of fanciness where I get HELLA intimidated about even setting my foot in their plush premises.

It's like, are the service staff all able to smell just how fucking poor I am? Like...Imma be able to pay for this meal without having to scrub dishes in the back til closing time, but is it obvious that I will then be bankrupt and depending on a diet of plain white rice and longkang water for the next 3 months?

The vibes of Platypus Kitchen (such a cute name teehee) also make it perfect for a cozy date night. Except I'm perpetually single and lonely and bitter AF, so I decided to treat my beloved lil sis to a meal there instead! :D

/all while lamenting to her how goddamn TIRED i am of always coming so close to but never being able to successfully find love...but that's beside the point lol/

Ma sista's classic Carbonara! Linguine in "smoked egg creme" (does that not sound abso-fucking-lutely delicious to you??) with a sprinkling of bacon and a delightful onsen egg. Looks kinda plain but hot DAMN, that sauce was somethin' else. Very flavourful indeed. I actually lapped it all up with a spoon after my sis was done with everything else and still had leftover sauce.

I had to fight a grand total of 3 different servers who politely asked if they could clear the "empty" plate. Nah fam, clearly I gotta lick up every last drop of the good stuff and save the dishwasher the hassle.

A lil bit embarrassing but still. Totes worth it lol

My Beef Ragu Pappardelle! Was just craving something hearty and MEAT-FILLED. Can't say I was disappointed, but the flavour wasn't as robust as I'd like. Bursting that wonderful, maximum jiggle onsen egg was gr8 coz the flood of egg yolk coated the entire dish with an added level of richness. But taste wise, I had to lend a lot of flavours from the bottle of homemade hot sauce on the table, as well as my sister's amazing carbonara sauce heh.

Overall a good meal in an ultra lovely environment! Although I feel like the food from my previous trip was way better :) By leaps and bounds, even.

Guess I gotta try more of the Platypus Kitchen's offerings soon, to get a better gauge of the place! huehuehue /some mad hinting going on lol JKS!! hehe/

Look how joyous she looks!! lol

I think it's coz she was simply awestruck by the perfectly executed onsen egg hahaha

Same, lil buddy. Same.