Sunday, 25 December 2011

What have I been up to...

...for the past seven thousand years?

Playing Audi like a maniac.

Seriously, it's so addictive!! In fact, I've been playing for several hours since I woke up and after I'm done with this post I am going to play some more lol~ #nolife

Here's my little character :D

Everything's bought with dens and the cash items were gifts after I passed my various licenses. I don't have cash card lehhhh D:
I'm gonna go buy one though, I want to change my username. I've discovered that it's not a good idea to put your real name as the game has quite a bit of sickos =X

Hehe can you see my lil pet skeleton? It's name is Winnie and as you can see he dropped his big ol' head. Silly little thing!

Also, I had the most amazing pizza ever for dinner on the eve of Xmas eve.


Lastly, merry Christmas!!

Guess what I am going to do now lol.

Sunday, 4 December 2011


In an hour's time, I'll be leaving for the airport to go to Perth!

Catch ya later~ :D

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lips & Nails.

Look what my momma got me:

Hello Kitty lipglosses! I bet Hello Kitty-obsessed girls would love to have this! ;)

Baby pink is strawberry flavoured and hot pink is cherry. Love cherry!!

They're really glossy and give the lips a light tint. I like it :)

Painted my nails dark blue last week:

this was the third day or so thus the polish was starting to chip...

Please support my random pointless video! It's quite cute la so just watch, okay? :P

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Jap Food. Oishi~!

Had dinner at a wonderful Japanese restaurant :)


Ordered three kiddy set meals. I love it when restaurants let customers order kid meals even when there isn't any kid present! I mean, why do some establishments have to be so strict with this sort of thing? Sometimes kid's meals are just better! More variety, cute presentation and the portion isn't that big :)


Spaghetti set. The spag was alright I guess, it was those tangy tomato sauce kind which I don't really like. The ebi fry, however, was amazing. Normally ebi fry has to be eaten with mayonaise to taste good but the batter on this one was so flavourful! The prawns were fresh and succulent too ^^



Omg I love the ramen at this restaurant. Tried the chicken soup-based one the first time I ate there and it blew my mind. I find that the 'mini' portions are just nice :)

This time however, it was kinda disappointing coz the soup was seriously way too salty. But, still really delicious!

Just looking at the pic is making me salivate...*slurp*


Curry rice~!

Would you LOOK at that plate?! Presentation points 100 out of 100!

Comes with ebi fry (yay!) and karaage. Which, let me just tell you, tasted. Terrific.

Seriously it is just so crispy and freakin' delicious! The batter was glorious and gave it such a beautiful CRUNCH and it just tasted fabulous, especially dipped in the curry. It is on the greasy side though, so thank goodness for the lettuce shreds :)


Side dish: tofu fry

Very, very nice. Much nicer than Sakae Sushi's version, ahem. The sauce, while really tasty, was way too salty again so :\

And for dessert...



Omo omo omo~

Alright pardon my excitment but I have this thing with green tea flavoured ice creams okay. It's just...I love the flavour so much but it's kinda hard to find really good quality ones which actually taste authentic and green tea-like! Trust me, some versions taste like crap...

But this one, mmmmmm~

It is just so GOOOOD!

So yeah, go try it lol. There's like milk cream also, which tastes like liquified 大白兔奶糖.


Taiyaki in cool flavours! They're priced at $2 each, which I think is crazy affordable. Was going to ta-bao one chocolate&custard flavoured one but was too full lol.



you know it's the end of the year when you see freakin' Xmas decorations everywhere you look!


toodles y'all! Gosh I can't believe 2011 passed by so damn fast...

Gonna go watch Hangover II :D

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Botanic Gardens + Din-Din

Went to the Botanic Gardens recently with my family. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, we just wanted to do something to pass the time before going out for dinner :)






I picked this one up from the ground. Heart-shaped ^^

Afterwards we went to have dinner at Kenny Roger's. One of my all-time favourite restaurants! I know that they're famous for their chicken and all but my fave is actually their side dishes; super delicious and amazing.


They serve their soft-drinks in cute lil old-school glass bottles! Awesomeness~!!


Uber delish corn muffins. They're crunchy on the outside and totally soft on the inside! There's itty bitty bits of corn too. Normally I try to stay away from corn because it has so many empty calories, but they taste so GOOD!! I have a love-hate relationship with it a la Park Bom kekeke~

By the time the dishes came I didn't even think of snapping pics lol. I was so hungry and the food looked AMAZING so...teehee~ No pics to share! :P

Ordered 2 serves of wings (the legendary chicken was already sold out!) and like, 8 bowls of sides. I'm not even joking. That's how much we love the sides from Kenny Roger's.

Afterwards we went to Tanglin Mall to jalan and we had ice-cream from Brunetti for dessert! Been reading lots of good stuff about it from 8-days :)


Cappucino cone, my Dad's. I don't really like coffee flavoured ice cream but this was pretty good!


Mine, cheesecake.

Omg, lemme rave about this.

There was a lovely, strong cheesecake flavour and a blueberry jam ripple, topped off with an abundance of HUGE berries (not sure which kind but they're the ones you get in blackforest cakes! if you like to eat blackforest cake, this flavour is definitely for you!). It was totally awesomeeee!!

The biscuit though, haha. I was so pleased to get it coz it's a cute little topping and all but watch out, it is hard as hell lol. Almost broke my two front teeth when I bit into it hard, thinking it was a soft cookie.

So yeah, highly recommend going to Brunetti's for their lovely desserts! They have such a wide range, I'd have loved to sample more!

Ah well, there's always next time :)

Going to bed now, ta-ta!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Ways to relieve stress #317


I'm sooooo fed up with studying!! Trolololol. Endure...
A while more and I'll be THROUGH with this!!
Gonna play like SIAO~!!

[A wild RAINBOW has appeared!]...when I was camwhoring in my room lol~

Really cute advertisement for sunscreen! Kawaii neh~~


Off to eat some more black forest chocolate, I've totally become addicted to it since my previous post!!

While watching Youtube vids...again. Hahaha. Okbai.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween, y'all!

I just ate a single block of Cadbury's black forest chocolate bar.

As a chocolate lover and also a big supporter of Cadbury, it's kinda sad that it was the first time I tried the flavour. I feel so 井底之蛙 lol.

But anyways, it was freakin' scrum-diddly-umptious! When I unwrapped the foil packaging, delicate crinkling sounds and all, I had this little rush of excitement. Then when I devoured it and crunched on the chocolate biscuits and chewed on the cherry-flavoured jelly bits (GENIUS i tell you! i love cherry ♥), there was this Willy Wonka mood lol. Haha I really do adore chocolate~

All it took was that little itty bitty piece of delicious chocolate to make me a happy camper. Hehe~

Kinda sad that there is no trick-or-treating in Singapore. Are you guys celebrating Halloween by putting up spooky decorations, watching horror flicks and pigging out on sweets? The only 'decor' I have is a Long John Silver's balloon on which I drew a scary pumpkin face lololol~

Well, Im'ma go munch on more black forest chocolate while watching some Halloween vids on Youtube! I'm really addicted to Youtube nowadays. As if I needed something else to pull down my productivity level...

Some random pics that have got nothing to do with Halloween...

A healthy snack I made out of boredom: Special K corn flakes + nata de coco yogurt.
It wasn't that nice, the yogurt made the corn flakes soggy :\

Uhhh...random pic of a donkey studying lol.

Speaking of which, had my English literature paper today! It was mega successful :)

Alrighty, ta-ta for now!

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Lol omg I feel so embarrassed for abandoning this blog completely.

While I'm working on some new posts (trust me I have so much stuff accumulated in my folders to blog about), feel free to check out my:


Mostly kpop/funny stuff. Do check it out! :)



Microblogging better than no blogging right? Heh heh heh~

Okay, I'll be working on said blog posts in the meantime. See ya!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

For the lulz.

Found this comic which I found pretty adorable and hilarious so I thought I'd share it with you guys :)


Sunday, 11 September 2011

Mini = Cute (?)

Take something ordinary, make it tiny. Result?


I give you...miniature fridge, and miniature food & drinks.

Seriously, that's epic cuteness right there.

Funny story, I was rummaging in one of my old wardrobes and just found it lying there. I have very little recollection of its origin, all I know is I think my mum bought it a few years back.

For herself, mind you! Tsk. Nobody can resist the charm of mini food.

Check it out!

Drinks we're all so familiar with, in tiny-form :)

So, ain't mini things super duper kawaii~?
Leave a comment and tell me what you think!


Cooked this for dinner. I guess you could call it, an all day breakfast! Keeekeke~

Mozzarella, tomato and shiitake mushroom scrambled eggs.

It's not meant to look pretty, it's supposed to be filling, nutritious and DELICIOUS.

I'm a big cheese lover, okay no wait. I'm a HUGE cheese lover. So it took a lot of willpower to prevent myself from dumping the whole packet of cheese onto the frying pan. Everything tastes great when there's cheese! Lots of it! Lotsa melted...cheese....Mmmmmmmmm~

On the other end of the spectrum, I absolutely abhor tomatoes. Seriously, the taste of raw tomatoes DISGUSTS me. But, since they are bursting at the seams of nutritional goodness, I try to incorporate them into dishes whenever possible, so I can get their awesome benefits without having to really taste their vileness.

The mushrooms were fantastic, as usual. Did I mention I'm a huge mushroom lover too? Kekeke~

That is all. Comment and tell me your thoughts on my lovely dish! ^^

Friday, 26 August 2011



Nong Shim cheese ramen which I have been ITCHING to try! Coupled with milk tea, not very nice but it'll do. I ♥ MILK TEA ^^

Just hearing all those rave reviews about how good Korean instant ramen noodles taste when cheese is added to it makes me wanna try it for myself sooo bad.
And what's more I'm a huge cheese lover.
I'm talking HUGE, like I seriously use up at least half a can of parmesan cheese everytime I eat pasta/pizza at restaurants.
But who wouldn't like cheese?
It's fragrant, tasty and chock full of nutritious goodies.

So yeah, basically the ramen was only so-so.
My first try, I used all the seasoning and it turned out salty as f---. Nasty, couldn't even swallow 2 mouthfuls without chugging plain water.
Second try I used like 3/4 and it turned out well!
Though I must say it's nothing to rave about...
It has a super unique flavour to it, but not really cheesy.

My cousin suggested adding a slice of cheese to it even though it presumable already contains cheese. Oh well, I'll try it next time :)


Salmon sushi~

My very first time trying, didn't ever really have the nerve to try frickin' raw salmon.
Also, I'm allergic to fish :(
Thankfully not allergic to tuna, ikan bilis.
But allergic to fish & chips, fillet-o-fish...those kinds of fish...
Yeah I don't know why it's so weird too haha.

My friend highly recommended sashimi, saying it was nice to eat and didn't have any raw, fishy flavour like I was afraid it would. Thus, I dared myself to try it. After all, the worst that could happen would be that I get an allergic reaction.
But if I'm actually not allergic to it yet I don't try it, I'll be missing out on so much!

I was seriously damn nervous about trying it lol.
Then I remembered that I eat Sakae Sushi's salmon kakiage quite often and I'm not allergic to it so it should be ok :)

Lo and behold.

After I gulped down the 2 morsels my mouth and throat started getting itchy, sore and downright uncomfortable.
Quickly took an Antihistamine, my LIFESAVER.

So yeah, 2 little pieces of salmon did that to me. Made me feel shitty for half an hour.
Imagine if I'd eaten like a whole plate.



Look at this sexy beast.

Beef and cheese. Beef. And muthafookin' cheese. CHEESE I TELL YA.

My 2nd time buying this delicious comfort food. It's not cheap I tell you. About $4+?
And I don't like to eat microwave food.
Probs because when I studied in Australia I practically lived on microwave lunches, dinners and suppers.
Then I found out that they contain like, zilch nutrients and increase your chances of getting cancer.




Does it not look like food from the heavens?

*smacks lips* Bellisimo.

Check out that meat sauce...Check out that CHEESE goddamnit. It's freakin' MELTED and OVERFLOWING.

And the pastry looks nice and flaky too doesn't it?

Well, I must say it wasn't perfect.

The meat sauce was a tad too salty and the pie crust got stale like REALLY quickly after removing it from the microwave. Hard and totally not fun to chew. But other than that it's really yummy :)

Of course it is, I mean COME ON look at that photo, it looks epic.




I love dark chocolate and I love mint. So yeah, this is basically the perfect combination.
But what I truly love about it is the marvellously cute and chic design. A pretty little tin box which I can put it my handbag and nibble on the delectable tiny chocolate balls on the go.


Also love the design of the box, the colour combination is really fantastic! Look at that shade of green! Look at the brown! Look at how they blend so amazingly!! Look at the leaf! Look at the baubles! Ahhhh~

Lol sorry but I really can't help marvelling at the art put into this product.

Mad props.

Alright, end of this post which is like, all food.


Just wanna let you know I am tired OUT OF MY MIND RIGHT NOW.

Long week (as usual) and I can't wait to zonk out for 14 hours. Might be heading to a flea market when I wake up, shall blog about it if I do :)

This morning was the best for sleeping, beautiful cool and breezy rainy weather. Almost couldn't drag myself out of my bed nest.

Well, ta-ta for now!

Since it's a mega long weekend, I shall blog diligently :)

We shall see whether I keep my word lol~

Wednesday, 17 August 2011



My lunch/dinner today :)

Super duper yummy soft-shell crab maki ღ

This week has been hella tiring. Yesterday I ended school at 5++ (bless my teacher, our lesson was by right supposed to end 6pm, good lord) and by the time I reached home and showered, I was so tired it wasn't even funny anymore.

After several attempts to stay awake and clear my truckload of assignments (drinking tea, listening to music, dancing etc) I finally admitted defeated and went to bed.

Woke up at the ungodly hour of 3.30 AM to do my homework and guess what? My teacher told us that she decided to collect our work next week.


Hmmm so yeah, a little less assignments today but still figure I need to wake up at like 4 or 5 AM in the morning. I'm about to go shower now and then hit the sack lol.

I always know when it's fine for my body to go full speed ahead without much rest and when I really need to just stop, put everything on hold and go sleep. Been feeling so damn lethargic lately. Yesterday during the first few hours at school I swear I yawned like once every 15 minutes! Crazy.

And this morning I could feel myself getting sick. Gaaah no!!

Just gotta make it through this week...Damn stressful week with lots of tests and exams.
So totally looking forward to the weekend! Gonna my nails...clear any outstanding for upcoming tests...go out for dinner on maybe Saturday night...hibernate lol~

Okay so yeah, I'm so excited to sleep in my lovely comfy bed lol!! Sleeping is the shiok-est feeling ever :D

Monday, 15 August 2011

La Tee Da~

Today's weather was just epic. It rained pretty much throughout the day yet the sky remained clear and bright! Kind of perked up my spirits :)
The rainy atmosphere really made me sleepy though, lol.

Practically screamed out in happiness when it was announced that my subject's supplementary lesson was cancelled. Could go home 2 hours earlier! Wheeee~

Wanted to take a 45-minute power nap, but I set my alarm to go off at AM instead of PM! Gaaah I was so pissed!! I remember waking up from a wonderful sweet dream (sigh! ❤) and absorbing my surroundings. When I realised it was dark already, I was so shocked!! I was like, "WHy dIdn't My ALaRM go OFf???!"

Seriously I really said it out to myself, in a very groggy voice.

Thinking that, with my kind of luck, it was already some ungodly hour like 1 AM and that my sleep cycle was completely screwed + I couldn't do my homework, I reached for my phone...

Yep it was only like 8 PM haha :)

So yeah, I feel so super energetic now thanks to a great 3 hours of sleep. I predict that tonight I'll not be able to fall asleep again. Tossing and turning until finally it feels so good to fall asleep...

And there goes my alarm tone for another 11-hour day at school.


Hmmm alright I gotta go now, probably gonna watch 家好月圆 and then do some homework.

Yeah I know, I've been posting like once a month haha I feel really bad about it! I want to blog so much...but I'm just so lazy~
But seriously I've not neglected this blog, I actually accumulated folders upon folders of photos which I had meant to post up. So yeah, whenever I'm free and not procrastinating I'll post them :)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Wakey wakey!

Universal problem: waking up in the morning to go to school/work. Doesn't matter whether you were lucky enough to get in a wonderful 9 hours of sleep or you could only snooze for an hour or so due to late-night rushing of an assignment, you're gonna feel like absolute crap when the alarm goes off.


So frickin' accurate.

I find that making my alarm tune a pleasant song definitely makes a difference to the way I greet each morning. I pretty much set a new alarm tone every single night lol. In addition, I always make it a point to set something that's soothing. But, as depicted above, every single noise sounds like muthafreakin' mayhem when it rouses you from a deep sleep.

Yesterday was like any other morning. Dreadful start.

After the daily ritual of thinking to myself,

"Well. I'm freakin' tired. Gonna sleep through the day. Screw school. Too tired for life."

then subsequently dragging my body off the bed in an act of realist defeat.

But, a pleasant surprise awaited me after I went to perform my morning ablutions. I opened up my closet to get my earrings and lo and behold,

my mum had bought me new accessories and didn't tell me!


Gold bangle with cool patterns. I love the marble-y/ metallic effect on the pink and purple patterns!!


Super cute owl-watch-necklace.

I've always wondered about watch-necklaces. Do people really use them as a timepiece? I reckon it'd be pretty weird if you walk walk walk then suddenly lift up your necklace to see the time right? To me I think it's just a for show kinda thing. But that's just me.

Okay so this post is pretty much just to show you 2 of my new accessories and tell you about how my awesome Momma made my morning so much better!

Just thinking when I'll have the chance to wear them though...

Want to go out so badly but there's never a chance! Exams coming up...Homework piling endlessly...

In fact, I have 2 assignments I've yet to do lol.

And I still need to watch 家好月圆!Lol omg guess I'll have to burn the midnight oil tonight.

Surprisingly didn't conk out today even though my lessons ended at 5 PM.
The air-conditioning made me so sleepy...Eurgh!!

Lol okay that's all, bye-bye :)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

I'm so stressed!! *pout*

Goodness, I am really stressed out now.

Big changes stress me out, especially if they're negative.

How do I cope with stress?

Past experiences have taught me that running away is never, EVER the answer.
In fact, it'll just become much worse when you're finally forced to face it.

The only thing I can do now is stay happy and healthy,
try to work as hard as I possibly can.

I'm really thankful for having friends who are there for me :)

Called up my bestie just now when I felt really helpless and almost in tears...
Can you believe that after a 5 minute and 58 second talk over the phone,
I already felt so much better?
She really has a way to make me laugh and forget whatever it is that's bumming me out!
Thanks ^^ ♥

I've also been dancing regularly...
Without KPOP (and other music la, sometimes), I would just stop functioning altogether.
Lol I'd get bashed from KPOP-antis but seriously, music makes the world go round!
And I just so happen to like the K-genre~
Did you know it's really true that exercise makes you feel happy and also great in general?
Get movin'~!

I'm gonna go dance to Roly Poly (T-ARA) and I AM THE BEST (2NE1) now ^^

Friday, 1 July 2011

Gotta get down on Friday~

Just a quick post to say I am so sorry for not updating!

As some of you may know, school just reopened and I have been soooo tired for the entire week, it's not even funny anymore >.<

Thank goodness there's a long weekend! So apart from doing my insane mountain of homework, I'll also be posting as much as I can to make up for the whole week of dead-ness :)

Stay tuned!

Gonna go dance k-pop now, I seriously need some recreation as well as exercise after this week of torture!!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Only one way to find out...


Lol!! Do you guys do this?
I do this ALL THE TIME especially when I'm loading videos/movies!


In other news, I'm gonna go drink some glorious mushroom soup now.
Don't pass out from envy!

Peace out~

Saturday, 25 June 2011


Went to Bugis Junction with my mum, it was awesome!
Had a wonderful day of bonding with her, haven't been able to do that for quite awhile now.
Also, it doesn't hurt that I can buy lots of stuff with her by my side! Kekeke~

Check out some of my buys...



Earrings, which she spent like 45 minutes to pick out. I'm not even joking.


Cute little ring, guess how much it costs? $1!! Isn't it awesome?
Been seeing a lot of these $1 special sales for accessories, keychains and mini handphone pouches.
Anchor Point, Bugis Junction and also Vivocity.
I think for a dollar it's really pretty, pity it's a little too big for me...
Even on my index finger it isn't a snug fit :(



I love seaweed!!
I remember when I was schooling in Perth I used to scarf down like 3 to 5 packets every single day for lunch.
Thinking back it's kind of freaky...

Also, Korean corn chips!
Never tried it before; not sure if it's really plain corn chips or those with flavourings.


Taiwan pudding!

Lol judging by my blog name it's pretty obvious I LOOOOVE pudding!! Haha :P
The smell of the pudding is really exquisite but it doesn't quite satisfy my taste buds...
Don't know if it's just me but there's kind of a sour, fruity aftertaste?
Not nice---

Back to school!

Gosh, my heart is beating rapidly everytime I get reminded of the fact that school is starting soon and I've yet to complete my holiday assignments...
I really need to chiong!!
I promise, later after I've finished playing for the day I will sit down and not get up til I've cleared them all!!


My cute lil correction tape.



It's reflective!!

"Buy this for you then you no need to bring compact mirror to school.", my mum says.

Anyways, I don't know if it's because I'm a girly girl or whatever but I find that it's really important to have cute and pretty stationary!
I just find that it makes me feel happier about whipping it out to do an assignment, kinda like when some people have a certain special pen which leads to handwriting that is nicer than usual, just because they like using that pen.

Idk la, I just enjoy having cute stationary kekeke~

My mum bought a new kawaii pen for me too! Will show you guys next time ;)

Besides the correction tape, my mum also bought 2 slappy watches for me.
One dark blue and one bright yellow :D
I actually forgot to take pics so you'll just have to imagine what they look like!

I'll probably snap a pic in the near future, after all I'll be wearing them to school everyday so it'll be kinda hard for me to forget when it's right there IN MY FACE :P

Well, that's all for this entry :)

I'm super duper hungry now because there's no food in the house.
Gonna drink some warm Milo.
Will that help?

Toodles~ ^^

P.S - If you're wondering, the title reads 'naega jeil chalaga', meaning I am the best.
Yes yes you're right!! 2NE1's comeback song!!
WHOOOT~ I'm so excited for the MV it's gonna be epic!
YG released an official announcement saying that they spent MORE THAN TWICE the amount of money than usual on the MV!
Oh gosh~
It's gonna be soooo good!
Stay tuned Blackjacks!

Lol okay. End of my little Kpop fangirl rave~ :P

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My Food & I

Just in case you don't know, I'm one of those people who find joy in snapping photos of food and posting them on the interwebs. I don't really know why people like to do it, but it's just fun! :P

Check it out. Banana-chocolate flavoured Pocky!!
How friggin' awesome is that?
I've never seen this before, didn't even know it existed, but that day I chanced upon it while shopping and I was bursting with excitement!
How much do you think it costs? Around $2++? Well that's what I thought...
I'm not sure what the usual price is but it was on sale at that time so guess what?
It only cost 75 ¢!! What a steal! :D

Haven't got the chance to try it yet, I'm waiting to eat it as a Television snack :)

Now this one is a little bit more common (to me at least).
I think it's kind of hard to find so I don't know, have you guys tried it before?
It's basically chocolate with a banana-flavoured candy coating, uber yummy~

I used to eat it all the time when I was a kid but then it kind of faded into oblivion...
I think you can get this at Japanese supermarkets like Meidiya and also Cold Storage if I'm not wrong.
Try it!

I think you've already picked up on the fact that I'm a big fan of banana-chocolate...Kekeke~
I just think it's a winning combo! ♥

Ta-daa! Who knows what this is?
I just spent a hell of a time trying to Google its name and apparently it is called Dango.

I love love loved it since I was a child but can you imagine I've been eating it all these years without knowing what it's called? Haha~

In case you don't know what it is, it's basically a sticky Japanese dumpling made from rice flour. There are many variations of dango, the one seen in the picture above is Mitarashi. It's covered by the delicious brown sauce which is a glorious mixuture of soy sauce, sugar and starch.

And no, I am not some kind of Dango expert, I merely got all the information from Wikipedia! Lol~


Take a look at this freakin' amazing looking salad. It has lettuce, carrots, cucumber and friggin' tofu, seaweed and edamame peas. THAT IS ONE AWESOME SALAD.

But wait...
is that the salad dressing lying quietly in the midst of all the organic healthy goodies?
Let me just tell you...
Now, you may think that I am exaggerating but no. That dressing, is like a freakin' taste explosion.
And the smell...Oh gawd that smell...

Kekeke it's actually called sesame miso dressing, it's really super delicious.
I don't know if it has to do with the fact that I'm a major fan of sesame but the fragrance really makes me go gaga!
But then, are there actually people in this world who don't like sesame?

Hmmm so that's about it. I'm off to go eat my dinner now!

Toodles~ ^^