Monday, 15 August 2011

La Tee Da~

Today's weather was just epic. It rained pretty much throughout the day yet the sky remained clear and bright! Kind of perked up my spirits :)
The rainy atmosphere really made me sleepy though, lol.

Practically screamed out in happiness when it was announced that my subject's supplementary lesson was cancelled. Could go home 2 hours earlier! Wheeee~

Wanted to take a 45-minute power nap, but I set my alarm to go off at AM instead of PM! Gaaah I was so pissed!! I remember waking up from a wonderful sweet dream (sigh! ❤) and absorbing my surroundings. When I realised it was dark already, I was so shocked!! I was like, "WHy dIdn't My ALaRM go OFf???!"

Seriously I really said it out to myself, in a very groggy voice.

Thinking that, with my kind of luck, it was already some ungodly hour like 1 AM and that my sleep cycle was completely screwed + I couldn't do my homework, I reached for my phone...

Yep it was only like 8 PM haha :)

So yeah, I feel so super energetic now thanks to a great 3 hours of sleep. I predict that tonight I'll not be able to fall asleep again. Tossing and turning until finally it feels so good to fall asleep...

And there goes my alarm tone for another 11-hour day at school.


Hmmm alright I gotta go now, probably gonna watch 家好月圆 and then do some homework.

Yeah I know, I've been posting like once a month haha I feel really bad about it! I want to blog so much...but I'm just so lazy~
But seriously I've not neglected this blog, I actually accumulated folders upon folders of photos which I had meant to post up. So yeah, whenever I'm free and not procrastinating I'll post them :)

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