Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Wakey wakey!

Universal problem: waking up in the morning to go to school/work. Doesn't matter whether you were lucky enough to get in a wonderful 9 hours of sleep or you could only snooze for an hour or so due to late-night rushing of an assignment, you're gonna feel like absolute crap when the alarm goes off.


So frickin' accurate.

I find that making my alarm tune a pleasant song definitely makes a difference to the way I greet each morning. I pretty much set a new alarm tone every single night lol. In addition, I always make it a point to set something that's soothing. But, as depicted above, every single noise sounds like muthafreakin' mayhem when it rouses you from a deep sleep.

Yesterday was like any other morning. Dreadful start.

After the daily ritual of thinking to myself,

"Well. I'm freakin' tired. Gonna sleep through the day. Screw school. Too tired for life."

then subsequently dragging my body off the bed in an act of realist defeat.

But, a pleasant surprise awaited me after I went to perform my morning ablutions. I opened up my closet to get my earrings and lo and behold,

my mum had bought me new accessories and didn't tell me!


Gold bangle with cool patterns. I love the marble-y/ metallic effect on the pink and purple patterns!!


Super cute owl-watch-necklace.

I've always wondered about watch-necklaces. Do people really use them as a timepiece? I reckon it'd be pretty weird if you walk walk walk then suddenly lift up your necklace to see the time right? To me I think it's just a for show kinda thing. But that's just me.

Okay so this post is pretty much just to show you 2 of my new accessories and tell you about how my awesome Momma made my morning so much better!

Just thinking when I'll have the chance to wear them though...

Want to go out so badly but there's never a chance! Exams coming up...Homework piling endlessly...

In fact, I have 2 assignments I've yet to do lol.

And I still need to watch 家好月圆!Lol omg guess I'll have to burn the midnight oil tonight.

Surprisingly didn't conk out today even though my lessons ended at 5 PM.
The air-conditioning made me so sleepy...Eurgh!!

Lol okay that's all, bye-bye :)

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