Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween, y'all!

I just ate a single block of Cadbury's black forest chocolate bar.

As a chocolate lover and also a big supporter of Cadbury, it's kinda sad that it was the first time I tried the flavour. I feel so 井底之蛙 lol.

But anyways, it was freakin' scrum-diddly-umptious! When I unwrapped the foil packaging, delicate crinkling sounds and all, I had this little rush of excitement. Then when I devoured it and crunched on the chocolate biscuits and chewed on the cherry-flavoured jelly bits (GENIUS i tell you! i love cherry ♥), there was this Willy Wonka mood lol. Haha I really do adore chocolate~

All it took was that little itty bitty piece of delicious chocolate to make me a happy camper. Hehe~

Kinda sad that there is no trick-or-treating in Singapore. Are you guys celebrating Halloween by putting up spooky decorations, watching horror flicks and pigging out on sweets? The only 'decor' I have is a Long John Silver's balloon on which I drew a scary pumpkin face lololol~

Well, Im'ma go munch on more black forest chocolate while watching some Halloween vids on Youtube! I'm really addicted to Youtube nowadays. As if I needed something else to pull down my productivity level...

Some random pics that have got nothing to do with Halloween...

A healthy snack I made out of boredom: Special K corn flakes + nata de coco yogurt.
It wasn't that nice, the yogurt made the corn flakes soggy :\

Uhhh...random pic of a donkey studying lol.

Speaking of which, had my English literature paper today! It was mega successful :)

Alrighty, ta-ta for now!

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Lol omg I feel so embarrassed for abandoning this blog completely.

While I'm working on some new posts (trust me I have so much stuff accumulated in my folders to blog about), feel free to check out my:


Mostly kpop/funny stuff. Do check it out! :)



Microblogging better than no blogging right? Heh heh heh~

Okay, I'll be working on said blog posts in the meantime. See ya!