Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween, y'all!

I just ate a single block of Cadbury's black forest chocolate bar.

As a chocolate lover and also a big supporter of Cadbury, it's kinda sad that it was the first time I tried the flavour. I feel so 井底之蛙 lol.

But anyways, it was freakin' scrum-diddly-umptious! When I unwrapped the foil packaging, delicate crinkling sounds and all, I had this little rush of excitement. Then when I devoured it and crunched on the chocolate biscuits and chewed on the cherry-flavoured jelly bits (GENIUS i tell you! i love cherry ♥), there was this Willy Wonka mood lol. Haha I really do adore chocolate~

All it took was that little itty bitty piece of delicious chocolate to make me a happy camper. Hehe~

Kinda sad that there is no trick-or-treating in Singapore. Are you guys celebrating Halloween by putting up spooky decorations, watching horror flicks and pigging out on sweets? The only 'decor' I have is a Long John Silver's balloon on which I drew a scary pumpkin face lololol~

Well, Im'ma go munch on more black forest chocolate while watching some Halloween vids on Youtube! I'm really addicted to Youtube nowadays. As if I needed something else to pull down my productivity level...

Some random pics that have got nothing to do with Halloween...

A healthy snack I made out of boredom: Special K corn flakes + nata de coco yogurt.
It wasn't that nice, the yogurt made the corn flakes soggy :\

Uhhh...random pic of a donkey studying lol.

Speaking of which, had my English literature paper today! It was mega successful :)

Alrighty, ta-ta for now!


  1. Hi, nice pics and glad to hear you did great in your literature! Pls do drop by for my Halloween story, by the way, Happy Halloween!!

  2. Ooooh chocolate! I don't like blackforest because I prefer my chocolate plain, haha. :D And that donkey is cute. XD

  3. i could just squiz him!!!!