Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lips & Nails.

Look what my momma got me:

Hello Kitty lipglosses! I bet Hello Kitty-obsessed girls would love to have this! ;)

Baby pink is strawberry flavoured and hot pink is cherry. Love cherry!!

They're really glossy and give the lips a light tint. I like it :)

Painted my nails dark blue last week:

this was the third day or so thus the polish was starting to chip...

Please support my random pointless video! It's quite cute la so just watch, okay? :P

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Jap Food. Oishi~!

Had dinner at a wonderful Japanese restaurant :)


Ordered three kiddy set meals. I love it when restaurants let customers order kid meals even when there isn't any kid present! I mean, why do some establishments have to be so strict with this sort of thing? Sometimes kid's meals are just better! More variety, cute presentation and the portion isn't that big :)


Spaghetti set. The spag was alright I guess, it was those tangy tomato sauce kind which I don't really like. The ebi fry, however, was amazing. Normally ebi fry has to be eaten with mayonaise to taste good but the batter on this one was so flavourful! The prawns were fresh and succulent too ^^



Omg I love the ramen at this restaurant. Tried the chicken soup-based one the first time I ate there and it blew my mind. I find that the 'mini' portions are just nice :)

This time however, it was kinda disappointing coz the soup was seriously way too salty. But, still really delicious!

Just looking at the pic is making me salivate...*slurp*


Curry rice~!

Would you LOOK at that plate?! Presentation points 100 out of 100!

Comes with ebi fry (yay!) and karaage. Which, let me just tell you, tasted. Terrific.

Seriously it is just so crispy and freakin' delicious! The batter was glorious and gave it such a beautiful CRUNCH and it just tasted fabulous, especially dipped in the curry. It is on the greasy side though, so thank goodness for the lettuce shreds :)


Side dish: tofu fry

Very, very nice. Much nicer than Sakae Sushi's version, ahem. The sauce, while really tasty, was way too salty again so :\

And for dessert...



Omo omo omo~

Alright pardon my excitment but I have this thing with green tea flavoured ice creams okay. It's just...I love the flavour so much but it's kinda hard to find really good quality ones which actually taste authentic and green tea-like! Trust me, some versions taste like crap...

But this one, mmmmmm~

It is just so GOOOOD!

So yeah, go try it lol. There's like milk cream also, which tastes like liquified 大白兔奶糖.


Taiyaki in cool flavours! They're priced at $2 each, which I think is crazy affordable. Was going to ta-bao one chocolate&custard flavoured one but was too full lol.



you know it's the end of the year when you see freakin' Xmas decorations everywhere you look!


toodles y'all! Gosh I can't believe 2011 passed by so damn fast...

Gonna go watch Hangover II :D

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Botanic Gardens + Din-Din

Went to the Botanic Gardens recently with my family. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, we just wanted to do something to pass the time before going out for dinner :)






I picked this one up from the ground. Heart-shaped ^^

Afterwards we went to have dinner at Kenny Roger's. One of my all-time favourite restaurants! I know that they're famous for their chicken and all but my fave is actually their side dishes; super delicious and amazing.


They serve their soft-drinks in cute lil old-school glass bottles! Awesomeness~!!


Uber delish corn muffins. They're crunchy on the outside and totally soft on the inside! There's itty bitty bits of corn too. Normally I try to stay away from corn because it has so many empty calories, but they taste so GOOD!! I have a love-hate relationship with it a la Park Bom kekeke~

By the time the dishes came I didn't even think of snapping pics lol. I was so hungry and the food looked AMAZING so...teehee~ No pics to share! :P

Ordered 2 serves of wings (the legendary chicken was already sold out!) and like, 8 bowls of sides. I'm not even joking. That's how much we love the sides from Kenny Roger's.

Afterwards we went to Tanglin Mall to jalan and we had ice-cream from Brunetti for dessert! Been reading lots of good stuff about it from 8-days :)


Cappucino cone, my Dad's. I don't really like coffee flavoured ice cream but this was pretty good!


Mine, cheesecake.

Omg, lemme rave about this.

There was a lovely, strong cheesecake flavour and a blueberry jam ripple, topped off with an abundance of HUGE berries (not sure which kind but they're the ones you get in blackforest cakes! if you like to eat blackforest cake, this flavour is definitely for you!). It was totally awesomeeee!!

The biscuit though, haha. I was so pleased to get it coz it's a cute little topping and all but watch out, it is hard as hell lol. Almost broke my two front teeth when I bit into it hard, thinking it was a soft cookie.

So yeah, highly recommend going to Brunetti's for their lovely desserts! They have such a wide range, I'd have loved to sample more!

Ah well, there's always next time :)

Going to bed now, ta-ta!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Ways to relieve stress #317


I'm sooooo fed up with studying!! Trolololol. Endure...
A while more and I'll be THROUGH with this!!
Gonna play like SIAO~!!

[A wild RAINBOW has appeared!]...when I was camwhoring in my room lol~

Really cute advertisement for sunscreen! Kawaii neh~~


Off to eat some more black forest chocolate, I've totally become addicted to it since my previous post!!

While watching Youtube vids...again. Hahaha. Okbai.