Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lips & Nails.

Look what my momma got me:

Hello Kitty lipglosses! I bet Hello Kitty-obsessed girls would love to have this! ;)

Baby pink is strawberry flavoured and hot pink is cherry. Love cherry!!

They're really glossy and give the lips a light tint. I like it :)

Painted my nails dark blue last week:

this was the third day or so thus the polish was starting to chip...

Please support my random pointless video! It's quite cute la so just watch, okay? :P


  1. very nice hello kitty collection you've got here, though i'm not a hello kitty fan heheee :D

  2. nice nails you got there :)

  3. very cute hello kitty lip gloss!! my sister is a fan and would faint if she sees it!! =p

  4. Awww hello kitty!! My all-time favorite :)

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