Sunday, 25 December 2011

What have I been up to...

...for the past seven thousand years?

Playing Audi like a maniac.

Seriously, it's so addictive!! In fact, I've been playing for several hours since I woke up and after I'm done with this post I am going to play some more lol~ #nolife

Here's my little character :D

Everything's bought with dens and the cash items were gifts after I passed my various licenses. I don't have cash card lehhhh D:
I'm gonna go buy one though, I want to change my username. I've discovered that it's not a good idea to put your real name as the game has quite a bit of sickos =X

Hehe can you see my lil pet skeleton? It's name is Winnie and as you can see he dropped his big ol' head. Silly little thing!

Also, I had the most amazing pizza ever for dinner on the eve of Xmas eve.


Lastly, merry Christmas!!

Guess what I am going to do now lol.

Sunday, 4 December 2011


In an hour's time, I'll be leaving for the airport to go to Perth!

Catch ya later~ :D