Friday, 28 December 2012

My Introduction to The Janoskians

Yesterday, watching random Youtube vids together:

Me: Oh hey, who are the Janoskians and why are they famous?
Elle: Oh you don't know them??
Me: Nope the only video I've watched of them before is them doing the dance dare.

~Elle explains that they do pranks on the unsuspecting public, comedy vids etc~

Me: That's it?! And they have hordes of teenage girls obsessing over them like they're One Direction?!
Elle: Oh they released a song too.
Me: Oh that's cool I guess (not really impressed).
Elle: Well here let's watch one of their videos.

Four videos later...

Me: Ermm...I think I have a crush on one of them...
Elle: ..............................
Elle: "Oooh! I don't even know why girls like them~!" *facepalm*

So yeah that's basically how I started liking the Janoskians.

To be honest I was sold like, fourteen seconds into the first video that I watched lol ("Public Affection").

And the guy was Beau. Damn, he foine~

And after watching like, 10 more videos of them last night (in the freaking RIDONKULOUS heat and with slowass internet speed, that's dedication I tell you!) I also think the Brooks twins are supa cute lol.

Would it be too much to put up their poster on the surface of my completely empty wall when I get back to Singapore...?

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Xmas Wishes

Well, I decided to make a pretty picture to say merry Christmas to you guys but I totally overlooked the fact that my grandparents' five year old laptop is slow as hell. Coupled with Snail Speed Internet, it took me about three hours to make this.


Just wanted to say merry Christmas to all of my lovely readers out there. Yes, all seven of you! Helloooo~!! :D


After some anxiety since last year, the World did not end on the 21st. Around midnight my dad was driving the family around Perth. I expected to see huge fireballs raining down on us, a tidal wave of flames consuming us from over the horizon etc. but alas, nothing of the sort. We went back home at around two in the morning, I showered and slept. Woke up the next day and the World was still there.

Is it weird that a little part of me was anticipating the apocalypse and was even slightly disappointed that it didn't happen?

Oh wells.

Cheers to the start of a new era!


Going to be saying bye-bye to Aussie in five days...

On one hand I can't bear to leave but I also really miss my life in Singapore. Yes, I'm talking to you, High-speed Internet.

And I can't wait to download and watch the new episodes of HIMYM.


Have a lovely Xmas!


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Don't Worry, Be Happy :D

Hello there my beautiful, sweet pumpkin pies!

I was gonna open this post with the Spanish lines of Pitbull's I Know You Want Me because that damn song has been stuck in my head for like three days but I googled the lyric translation and it meant some pretty dirty stuff so. No.


So yeah just wanted to pop in and say hiiiiiiii from Down under! I am having so much fun and happiness is just engulfing me everywhere I go, whatever I'm doing.

Nowadays I feel a bit bad for telling people how insanely happy I am, whether it's mentioning it to people in real life or sharing it online. It sounds like I'm bragging and rubbing it in the faces of people who might be in a situation where they can't really be joyous. 

What I want to say is, happiness is a mindset! I used to be soooo bloody pessimistic my whole life, up until about a year ago. I'd have to say 2012 was the year where my mentality really transformed and since then, I've experience immense amounts of happiness.

Of course I still have days where I feel down, sometimes for no particular reason. But more than anything, I find myself feeling more contented with things in life and thus happier about everything.

If you're wondering what I did to gain this wonderful new outlook in life, I read The Secret (as well as the sequel The Power and I've started on The Magic). Yes, it's well-known for having life changing effects on its readers and I know there are some skeptics out there. Even I thought the concept was too good to be true. But alas, I gave it a go and it's totally changed my life and made it all sorts of awesome.

Lastly, I just wanna say to you reading this: Please don't take the little things in life for granted. If you can take note of and be grateful for the small details in your everyday life; good weather, a comfy bed to sleep in at night, family and friends who make you feel all warm and fuzzy, the internet (y'all know this is something to be thankful for!), you'll find yourself becoming a much happier person. Even in situations which seem shitty, count your blessings.

Alright I'm gonna end off with this embarassing find...

So I'm at my grandparents' house now, where there's glorious internet to be surfed, and I'm looking through the files in my account on my grandparents' laptop.

Take note that this laptop has been around since 2008.

And, right there in the music folder...



Downloaded in mid of 2008, during my phase of being really into AuditionSEA songs. What is wrong with me lol?!

Okay la to be fair some of them are nice songs. And do you know how hard it was for me to find high quality, original Audi Mp3s?! So yeah. Pat on the back lol.

Okay bye! I'll blog about some of the superfundifferous adventures I've been having the next time I get to come online.

Take care lovelies!


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Awfully Cute

My godmum treated me to some dessert at Awfully Chocolate! It was my first time trying it. Yes, I'm terribly sua gu.

Their chocolate cake and 黑 (literally 'black') ice cream, which is essentially a dark chocolate ice cream. Soooo decadent and yummy~

Afterwards, we headed over to my godmum's little nieces' house where we played with their guinea pig!

And its name is...[BLANK]

No seriously it has no name lol.

No name judging you.

Breakfast at The Toast Box:

Peanut butter toast and my sister's uber sweet-smelling cotton candy Lipsmacker.

Ham and cheese toast which was pretty damn delicious but waaaay too salty. I couldn't take more than one bite without having to chug water.


Well as you can tell by the time at which I posted this entry, my sleep cycle is horribly messed up. Therefore, I'm going to stay up for as long as I possibly can today then crash and be well rested for my early morning flight on Sunday! There is no way in hell I'm gonna sleep on Singapore Airlines, with the freaking glorious entertainment they provide.

I ♥ airplane rides~~

Friday, 14 December 2012

I Donut Like You

(just kidding I wuv you~)

Kracie Happy Kitchen donuts!

The price is usually $11.90 for Kracie sets (found at any of those stores which have a separate compartment displaying each 'shop's' items) but I got mine for $8.10 from an online store which was having a sale! No additional fees as I met up with the seller. Well, unless you want to factor in the cost of transport I took to get there but I wanted to go to that place anyways. So yeah, $8.10 for a Kracie donut set, whooo~!!

I'm not gonna be captioning the photos much coz it's freaking cold tonight and I'm a little out of it. If you want to read some information-y comments then feel free to hop on over to my Kracie Happy Kitchen cupcakes post ^_^

A little dented but who cares as long as the contents inside are intact! :D

The dough smelled INCREDIBLE. Sweet and creamy with a hint of chocolate for the brown one. I couldn't resist it and took a nibble, they tasted horrid haha.


If this doesn't look like poop I don't know what does...

Complete with undigested chunks and all hahaha alright I'm gonna stop now.

All rolled up into little balls, ready to be moulded! Cute strawberry scissors not included with the Kracie set ;P

Oops one more doo-doo pic! Lolololol okay that's it no more poo for the rest of this post I promise! xD

When I did the Kracie cupcakes, there was just enough batter to make one of each shape in each of the two batter colours. So I assumed it would be the same for the donuts. But there was enough dough to make...

lotsa donuts. And I do mean LOTS!

On to the decoration phase!

Icing, which also smelled INSANELY good. I tried the chocolate one and it tasted great so I ended up having about half a teaspoon of it lol.

Sprinkles~! :D

And, the finished product...


It was fun but I stupidly started playing at like 3 in the morning (the cupcakes took me less than an hour so I just assumed lol. Stupid.) and I spent like, an hour just decorating them. Towards the end I was so tired and cranky it was hard to enjoy it :\

But all in all, I liked making and decorating them! I'm hoping to try some savoury food sets next. Also because I want to taste them lol #fatkid


Two more days til Perth! Omg is this really happening :O

I am gonna get soooo fat there lol I'm not even kidding. Le sigh. Hope my pants will still fit me after the trip.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

New Layout :D

Well hello, my young and beautiful darlings~

How do you guys like my new layout? I personally can't stop staring at it coz I love rainbows and I love pastels so it's just so darn pretty to me ♥

It was a spur-of-the moment decision and I derived inspiration from this ad I saw in DOLLY magazine:


I went to catch Hotel Transylvania with my family today, the first time I've been to the cinema since Madagascar 3. It was pretty funny :3

My favourite character is probably the werewolf husband! The scene where his wife is in a peaceful slumber and he has his mountain of children stacked up on him, his eyes wide and bloodshot, was hilarious. And when he got the morning call I lmao-ed xD

Three more days til I wrap up the year with a trip to Perth~ Omo omo~~~!!


Monday, 10 December 2012

Birthday 2012 :)

Fairly late post of my birthday meal and some pressies :P

On my birthday I craved some Japanese food, namely some dishes from Sakae Sushi. It kinda goes without saying but I could pick wherever I wanted to eat at, because I was queen for the day~! Oh ho ho ho~

Was looking forward to eyeing the conveyor belt with gleeful anticipation and grabbing the plates of goodies which I wanted to nom on but sadly, my family and I went kinda late thus there were only a few boring dishes circling the restaurant over and over again :(

Nevertheless, I got to satisfy my cravings with items from the menu!

Deep fried salmon! Soooo good with Japanese mayo. I'm so glad I can eat it without getting an allergic reaction, unlike when I eat raw salmon. WHY SO WEIRD?!

Tempura prawn crepe maki with cheese! It was alright I guess. Prawn lovers would enjoy it :) I ordered it because I love cheese lol.

Yummy caramel coffee drink with coffee-flavoured jelly bits that are so fun to nibble on!

My dad's katsudon except instead of pork, there's prawns. I LOVE THE TASTY EGG AND ONIONS ON KATSUDONS. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Afterwards we bought a birthday cake for moi and headed for dessert at Baskin Robbins :)

ABOUT TIME Singapore opened up some Baskin Robbin branches! I've always thought it'd be fun to work at an ice-cream parlour but frankly speaking, my lack of any arm strength would make it hard for me haha.

Can't really remember the flavours that we got but I know the yellow one was banana, which was the flavour of Scorpio, my star sign :)

Two reeeally yummy chocolate flavours. I think one was rocky road ♥

My birthday cake, along with some random knick-knacks in the background :P

I got the marble cheesecake from Crystal Jade bakery and I have to say it was an absolute disaster. I've tried the oreo cheesecake from the same place and it tasted great so naturally I expected the marbled variety to be just as amazing, if not better. It turned out to be an awful, sloppy mess. It wasn't like a cake at all, more like glop that they'd set in the fridge. Besides the horrible texture, the entire 'cake' was SALTY, without a hint of sweetness except of course for the pieces of chocolate. It was a nightmare. I don't know if this was a one-time dud or if Crystal Jade actually gets away with making such vile marbled cheesecakes. Okay now I sound kind of mean...But it truly was disgusting.

Alright it's almost half past 2 in the morning and I'm gonna go play with my Kracie Happy Kitchen set. Toodles!

Friday, 7 December 2012


Hooked on this website, again. Pwning all day long on Balloono, Dinglepop and Hover Kart Battle.

Come join me! :D

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Food-induced Tears

On Tuesday my family and I went to pray at our regular temple before going to have dinner at our regular restaurant. Only thing was, our regular restaurant was no longer there.

The whole place was revamped, there was a new signboard and the restaurant had a new name. We recognized one of the staff, however, so we went in and enquired. Apparently there's been a change of management and they've come up with a brand new concept and menu.

I couldn't have been more pleased upon picking up their new menu. As much as I loved their previous dishes, their new selection of pastas and risottos seemed absolutely spectacular! They all come with a soup, a salad and a drink. I chose lychee-peach flavoured iced tea and it was sooooo great at quenching my monster thirst.

Sun-dried tomato pesto penne with delicious chicken chunks, which my parents shared. I LOVE PESTO!! The sauce had a curry-ish taste to it, super yummy.

My super awesome green pea risotto with...SCALLOPS!!!!! I FREAKING LOVE SCALLOPS!!!! The scallops were the only reason I ordered this dish tbh. The risotto was fine, nothing majorly impressive. But the cute lil scallops were AWSUM. Savoured every bite of it :')

My sister's carbonara which was AMAZEBALLS. The double-smoked bacon bits were soooo good. And non-fatty, too! I hate bacon with lots of gross white fatty bits >:(

Yes, I sampled everyone's dish and they were all incredibly yummy. The downside is that they are a bit on the pricey side hence I probably won't be going back, unless maybe for a special occasion. And I just miss them...I miss how tasty they are. And I'm sitting here thinking about them, looking at pictures of them...hence the tears.

Alright now this is just getting creepy and frankly, kind of sad so. Bye.


Friday, 30 November 2012

Cutest Couple EVARRR & Massive Fangirling For Kay Kay

So last Sunday I met up with Jaznale and Jeremy, who were just oozing couple-y sweetness all over the place. And they brought me to this homely Korean restaurant where I finally had the chance to try ddeokbokki! :D

Spicy Korean rice cakes. Yummy but too hot for a spice wimp like me haha.

Afterwards we headed to town to redeem my free SASAtinnie mascara courtesy of Seventeen magazine. I am totally flabbergasted that they are ending their run. Why?! WHY?!?! My favourite magazine since I was like twelve... :( I'm just really thankful to have been featured in the second last issue ever :') Also because I had to pick up the Kracie Happy Kitchen set I bought online. Will be playing with and blogging about it soon! ...Or three months later haha eet depends on my mood~~

Lastly, Jeremy gave me the wonderful tip off that Kay Kay was going to be at the flea market at *SCAPE, which was craaaaazy coz she is like a celeb in my mind lol. I watched every episode of Chick vs Dick multiple times like a maniac when I was holidaying in Perth like three years ago and spent the whole night surfin the net. I literally cheered when she started blogging last year. That woman is just so endearing!! And I really admire her intelligence~ Okay this is starting to sound a lil stalkerish so Im'ma stop gushing about her.

When we got there, Jeremy and I were soooo nervous and scanning the place for Kay Kay. Then I spotted Eric's bombastic green hairdo and I was like Oh. Snap.

The two of us tottered over to sneak a glance at Kay Kay while Jaznale followed behind probably wondering why Jeremy and I were fangirling SO hard haha. But anyways KK was sooo pretty and I kept contemplating about asking for a picture with her and I always chickened out at the last minute :( I knew if I didn't do it I would just regret it yet I was too much of a coward to ask!! WAE D;

So yeah after walking around and hyperventilating about how we just saw a big STAR (to Jeremy and I lol) we left and that night I dreamed about what happened in the day, only in the dream I actually took a photo with Kay Kay. And when I woke up I was all excited to go to my camera and see the pic only to receive a harsh slap from the reality that is I am a big ol wimp.


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sweet & Lovely~~

Alrighty, I've broken my wonderful streak of publishing a new post almost every single day because for the past week I actually went out of the house and interacted with other human beings! Oh my gosh! Do I finally have a life? :D

So I've accumulated a bunch of photos and happenings to blog about. Hopefully I'll have the motivation to clear them all before I head to Perth early December for my annual trip Down Under. Whoop whoop!!

Meanwhile, some random pics:

I've been soooo addicted to these Godiva choccies ♥

The sea salt toffee caramels are TO DIE FOR.

Rice with Vermont Instant Japanese Curry my mum cooked for dinner :) I think the usual one comes with carrots and potatoes so we assumed it would be the same for all kinds, but the one above was a variation that had ~*a touch of apple and honey*~ and it was just plain curry!! D: #flabbergasted

But anywho my mum put carrots and mushrooms into it, as well as some vile-tasting bak teng aka canned spiced pork cubes. I love eating meat but the flavour of the canned pork is just...bleurrrghhh.


In Kpop news this week, I'm still not catching on to Spica's new song 'Lonely'. It's frustrating coz 'Painkiller' and 'Russian Roulette' were so flawless that it made me a Mercury (for those of you who didn't know, MERCURY is the official fan club name for SPICA. And yes all this probably sounds like some major dumbness to you if you're not a Kpop stan aka stalker fan.) almost immediately and had me playing them on loop for a good month or so. 'I'll Be There' was considerably catchy but not as awesome as I'd hoped their comeback would be.

But can we just take a moment to appreciate the sheer beauty of my favourite member/wife, Juhyun?

I stopped breathing for a split second this was shown near the end of the MV.

On the flip side, one member of the group is really starting to annoy me. Never really noticed her in previous MVs but in 'Lonely', Narae has the exact same expression in the whole MV which is this sickeningly sad, confused vulnerable look that makes me really uncomfortable. It's so irritating that it's preventing me from watching the MV coz everytime it shows her I flinch and it's just not very fun.

And to make it worse, the letters of her name are 80% identical to mine!! Noooo D;

Maybe I will like her again in the future idk. Did I just type all that about my meaningless Kpop opinions.

*deep sigh*

Okie I am going to go fold laundry for pocket money now. Toodles~!

Why is the thunder so loud T^T

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Pizza Hut More Like Delicious Main Courses Hut

So I've recently started buying coupons for whatever tickles my fancy on Groupon. So far only coupons for food and hair treatments and no products yet.

I used my very first coupon last week when I went out with Fifi ♥. I missed her so much D; And this sounds crazy but I haven't like, went out to shop and eat and hang out with a friend for about THREE WHOLE MONTHS. I wish I was joking but for real, I'd been holing myself up in my house studying and I was starting to get weird after going so long without social interaction outside of my family members... So yeah it was awesome to finally go out and be all crazy and hyper again after what felt like a millennium :D

My coupon was for two Pizza Hut main courses (whoop whoop!) and a drink! There was also an additional top-up option of three sweet and spicy drumlets so we got 'em too :)

Some of y'all are probably thinking that Pizza Hut is a place to eat pizzas and pizzas only and I am here to tell you right now YOU A FOOL. They have main courses which are yummalicious too!!

Fifi's chicken steak.

I didn't try the chicken but oh my gaaaaahhhhh the chips are FANTASTIC. That is all.

My rigatoni in hazelnut creme.

Initially I wasn't too keen on ordering it coz it seemed like just a plain creamy pasta but the smoked chicken sounded promising and I was curious as to how the ~hazelnut creme~ would taste like so I went ahead and tried it.



As far as hazelnuttiness goes, I couldn't really taste any significance? Or maybe my taste buds are just not as sophisticated but anyways the sauce had sooooo much cheese which is a dream come true for me because I absolutely hate it when pasta sauces smell all cheesy and delicious but when you taste it it's all bland and depressing.

The smoked chicken was FAB and they used delicious button mushrooms instead of the cheap basic kind so good job (Y)

Another Pizza Hut main course I tried several months ago was their cannelloni. The moment I heard that there was a place where I could have delicious and affordable cannelloni I was like dayum lemme get my money and head to the nearest Pizza Hut. I LOVE PASTA AND I LOVE RARE AND SPECIAL PASTAS EVEN MORE.

Just wanna give you guys a little heads up though, the appearance is not as promised by Pizza Hut's photos...




I had this with Bestest Friend In The Whole Wide World aka Farhana and we ordered the same thing. We were chatting (probably about something inappropriate) and when the waitress brought to plates of the above to our table we were like "Thaaaaanks!" while eyeing the cannelloni like, ummmmmm. dot dot dot.

Beauty is only crust deep, however, and the cannelloni proved to be quite delicious. I was able to enjoy it even though I was on the verge of passing out as I was just starting to fall into the depths of what would become the worse bout of flu I've had this whole year. Mountain of tissues soaked through with snot, throat hurting like a bitch, watery eyes and skinless nose. Sorry about being grossly ill while hanging out with you Farhana lol. And also spraying you with germs oops. (Remember the Malay cutie at Guardian mmmm dayum lol)

So yeah go get some deliciousness at Pizza Hut soon :)

Bye guyzzzz xoxo

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

It's My Birthdayyy~!!

Cake and confetti for everyone~!!

Well, it feels like it was just a blink of an eye and I am another year older :)

Bring on the money and presents lol!

Gonna have Sakae Sushi tomorrow and since I'm the birthday girl I can pick whatever I want off the conveyor belt! Woohoo~~~!!


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Pretty Little Liars

"Got a secret, can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save.
Better lock it in your pocket,
taking this one to the grave."

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to start watching Pretty Little Liars. You know, since the holidays were coming up. I'd actually downloaded Season 1 since the beginning of the year but never really felt like starting the series because I was so busy pouring my heart and soul into worshiping my all-time favourite TV show, How I Met Your Mother. But anywhozzles, I watched it and I got hooked instantly.

I know, I know. Insert slowbro meme here.

Nevertheless, I now have a new TV series to be overly emotionally attached to so there.

Can I just take a moment to rave about how attractive the cast is?

My fave characters are Hanna and Spencer (played by Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario respectively), both SUPER GORGEOUS ladies.
Ezra Fitz is soooo cute omgz he's got the kind of look that's just so cute and boyish and every time I watch an interview with Ian Harding (guy who plays Ezra) on Youtube I can't help but go squeeeee~~~!! because he is just so freaking adorable.
Toby Cavanaugh (played by Keegan Allen)'s body: HUBBA HUBBA. lolololol *blush*

I think Caleb has the most horrendous hairstyle ever lol but other than that he is pretty handsome and I like his character :)

Oh and one last thing, when I first started watching the show, my mind was just filled with overwhelming thoughts every time Spencer was shown. Who does she remind me of so much?! Then one fine day it finally hit me like a ton of bricks.


Okay y'all must be looking at the weak-ass comparisons and thinking I am either visually impaired or cuckoo bananas and let me just tell you, I can't really see the resemblance in the photos either. Aside from the fact that I absolutely suck at finding pictures where two people are in similar positions or are displaying the same expressions, it's also hard to see them looking all that similar because one is Chinese and the other is White.

What I'm trying to say is, the vibe from Troian's acting is so darn similar to Paige's. It's just so creepy like they are a different race's version of each other! You have to watch both Troian and Paige acting to see what I'm talking about.

But otherwise never mind, it could be just me. Meaning I spent about two hours of my morning constructing that collage that proved absolutely nothing haha fml oh well at least I enjoyed looking at Troian's beautiful face :) And Paige too damn she is gorgeous~

I just finished downloading Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars last night (HOORAY. Can't imagine having to wait any longer to find out what happens. And I need my PLL fix. I NEED IT!!!! I THRIVE ON JUICY STORYLINES AND ATTRACTIVE ACTORS!!!!) so I'm excited to start watching it :)

Meanwhile, enjoy this hilarious pic I found whilst hunting for pictures of Spencer in which she resembles Paige Chua (and failed, evidently):


Fun Little How I Met Your Mother Fact: Lucy Hale (who plays Aria) starred in an episode of HIMYM as ROBIN'S SISTER!! How cool is that lol okay bye.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Guangzhou 2012

I decided that it's probably a good idea to blog about my trip to Guangzhou, China before 2012 comes to a close haha. This took place during mid-January so...I'm ten months behind on this post...

*clap clap* Bravo.



My family and I flew Tiger Airways which meant no super awesome in-flight entertainment! Which is like 1/3 of the reason why I'm so madly in love with riding airplanes, along with the food~~ <3

When I first discovered that a lot of people detest airline food I was like whaaaaat. Girl you cray!

So anyways I borrowed a book from the library specially for the plane ride :)

But here's what I wound up doing instead...

This is quite sad really.

Around the end of last year was when I first started watching How I Met Your Mother. By January 2012 I had become a HUGE fan of it and of course I just had to watch and re-watch every single episode starting from Season 1! And yes I downloaded Let's Go To The Mall and danced to it and listened to it while I was studying and as you can see, I freaking memorised the lyrics and wrote them down on a piece of tissue paper.


I may have made some spelling errors on the Canada references and my handwriting looks shitty (*COUGH*I blame it on the shitty pen*COUGH*) so don't judge!

The book which I totally neglected after like four chapters.

I told you guys I'm crazy about cupcakes lol. I was soooo excited to read it but turns out it wasn't really about cupcakes at all haha #sadface


Chinese New Year snacks :D

The candied lotus root (in the middle) is so unique! Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think it's commonly found in Singapore ._.


Buffet is seriously one of the most beautiful words in the English language.

Ooooh fancy~~!! :D

They were pretty freaking delicious.

SOMEBODY HELP ME. I physically CANNOT look at a picture of egg yolk prawns and not drool all over myself. I just can't.

Rather delicious fruit cake we had to celebrate my dad's birthday :)


Okay from this point onwards it's just gonna pictures of animals. Some cute and cuddly, some being absolutely derpalicious and the rest just being their majestic selves. So if you don't like animals, you can leave now and WHAT IS WRONG WIT U AJKDGHSLAJAKLHS WHO DOESN'T LIKE ANIMALS.

Hehe road block.


LOOK AT THAT ZELO RAMEN HAIR. And foam at the mouth hahahaha okay sorry that was mean I'm sorry Mr Yak(?) you look very dashing with your curly hair.

Awww best buddies for life!! :')

Baby hippos are sooooo cute it's a bit ridiculous.

KUA SIMI KUA. Hahaha I'm just kidding don't even say that xD

And lastly here's a photo of two bears either giving each other a big bear hug or about to engage in a clobberin' session.

Toodles~ ^_^