Friday, 6 July 2012

Kracie Happy Kitchen: Cupcakes!

Bought this little Kracie cupcake kit around September last year. Had been planning on making the cupcakes since like...January but as with all things in life, I procrastinated like crazy before finally doing it haha (case in point: procrastinated seventeen days before finally starting to write this post rofl clap clap well done).

Bought the cupcake one because I absolutely love cupcakes hehe. Not so much eating them, but making and decorating them and just seeing how adorable they are in general ^_^

Inside the box, everything's nicely packaged~

The contents~~

Everything is just so wonderfully neat and concise, it's amazing. Wouldn't expect anything less from a Japanese product, tbh.

'Batter' in the mould~~

Okay here comes the humiliating part where everyone is expecting the results to be awesome and it turns out to be a failure...




LOL. Okay la it's not that bad, just overflowed coz I put too much batter in hohoho. But check out the circle one though, ain't it gorgeous and perfect? Nicely rounded at the top and everything :D

I really liked the heart-shaped one so...kinda sad that it flopped haha :(

Ermmm...Batch #2 (aka chocolate batch) turned out to be an even bigger failure lol. No pics of it because...

...I was too busy laughing at how much it looked like shit LOL. So yeah.

Okay pictures of the cakes which didn't end up looking like crap:

Does anyone know who this little cutie is? :D


Random hamster from Hamtaro dunno his name: "OH MA GAHD LOOKIT THESE CAKES THEY LOOK SO SCRUMMEHHHH!!!!!"

Alrighty...are you ready to see the cupcakes after icing and decoration?

Drumroll please...





LOL I went crazy snapping non-stop at all different angles with different filters. A few days later my mum was looking at our pictures folder and she was like,

" took 91 photos of your cupcakes..."

I was like lol no la not that many and she was like "I counted them" lololololol so yeah guess I did take 91 pics trolololol.

I didn't eat the cupcakes, my sister really wanted to but I FORBADE HER TO. They are edible but I seriously doubt they would be of any benefit, and who knows what horrible effects it could induce so...better to be safe than sorry. And in all honesty it was not even remotely appetising hahaha. It smelt sweet but somewhat plastic-y and pungent.

If anyone is interested to buy it, it's easily available online and at Toy Outpost stores in Singapore. I think they're priced at around $10 for a box but I got mine at a flea market and they were having a promotion so ummmm...$8.90? So many months ago I can't remember haha.

There's like burgers and sushis and donuts etc. so there's a pretty big range of exciting choices :)

Personally I wouldn't buy more coz I don't think this little toy is worth ten bucks. It keeps you entertained for like...half an hour then you sit there and stare at your masterpiece for a few days before it rots (or you can eat it. that way you get more for your money? lol idk.).

I'm satisfied with having tried it for myself once and seeing what it's like, from now on I'll just have my fun watching videos of other people making it :)

What, free ma lol~~

Okay that is all, here's one more pic (out of 91) of the pretty cupcakes:


  1. Omg cupcakes I LOVE CUPCAKES!!!

  2. My sis bought them too (that was at least a year back)

    I also had the same worry.. is it edible?

    It is incredible. Just add powder and water its like magic. tada!

    Anyway thanks for dropping by FoodieFC =)