Friday, 24 August 2012

Perth Lights

So...I'm kinda late in writing this post...

Okay make that extremely late! :P

Nevertheless, it was really enjoyable to look through the photos I took then edit them. It just brings all the lovely memories back :) And the best part is, it got me really hyped up for the upcoming annual trip to Perth!! Ahhh~ two more months! :D :D

Touched down on a beautiful summer morning. My family and I spent about two hours at the airport upon arriving, trying to get a good deal on our car rental for the trip. There's not much to do at Perth domestic airport (compared to Changi airport la, I don't think it's possible to run out of things to do there) so we (my sister and I) just got some food and jalan around the shops. Oh and of course we camwhored :)

Our breakfast was from Red Roosters. Oh god how I missed chips with chicken salt!! A little part of me is crying on the inside now because of how much I miss them...Ugh!! Two more months to go! Stay strong!!


Moving on...

My $10 flats from Mimosa. I had to wear plasters on the back of both of my ankles EVERY single time I wore them :( And after wearing them for about three of four months the side of one of the shoes almost completely detached itself from the sole. Oh well, that's what you get for ten bucks~~

Jelly Belly~! I know you can get them in Singapore but still...who doesn't love jellybeans in fun flavours?! :D

Our first dinner for this trip...

Prepare yourself for a feast for the eyes!


Thin crust pizza omg nomzy nom nomzzzz~~

Mine was pepperoni (love) with olives (SUPER LOVE) and mushrooms (MEGA HYPERTRONIMO LOVE).

My parents'. Super supreme I think?

I like how there's like a random olive here and a stray slice of pineapple there lol~

The pizza box design. Nice right?!

Afterwards it was already pretty late and all of us were reeeally tired so it was time to catch some zzz's :)

Sigh, I miss my comfy bed in Aus :\ And the carpeted floors...and the cool air...barely any humidity...OTL

The next day was mostly spent tidying up our house and doing some stuff that had to be done. Had a really fun time looking through my stuff which I hadn't seen in like, more than two years I think? So nice to reminisce :)

Dinner that night was highly-anticipated! We went to a restaurant that was a family favourite and has been since FOREVER. We go there a few times a month, the owners of the restaurant know us that sort of thing~

And I'm risking shyness/embarrassment by saying this in case some of you can identify the restaurant...but the waiters there are almost always cute ;)

Good food AND eyecandy? Why, thank you very much! xD


Beef with snowpeas and mushrooms ♥♥♥


We order this every single time we go there without fail! It's basically fried egg tofu with random ingredients like cabbage, mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, all which I LOVE!!

And the broth is really delicious, great to go with your rice :)

Gosh it's like three in the morning now and I am getting soooo hungry looking at the pics and thinking about how yummy the food is...

A well-loved dish, sambal kang kong!

Salt & pepper fried squid!

Delicious delicious delicous~~

I remember when I was young and picky with my food, I didn't want to eat squid (it was too chewy for my liking lol) so I just ate the delicious fried batter with rice LOL.

After our reeeeally satisfying dinner (not gonna lie it was one of the highlights of the entire trip for me LOL) we went on a long car ride. It's kind of our 'tradition' to just drive somewhere like the city every night, we'll just listen to songs and eat and chit chat in the car :))

And since it's so late, all the stores are closed so we can only get food at 24-hour fast food drive-thrus :P

McDonald's milkshakes!! Strawberry for my sis and chocolate for moi :D

I'm not really a fan of milkshakes (such high fat and sugar content T^T) but I am a sucker for Macca's chocolate milkshakes! They are just so delicious omg ♥

Some pics I took from inside the car:

I felt so proud of myself for managing to snap a photo where both the red and green lights were being flashed at the same time!! I really wanted to use this as my Facebook cover photo but it's kinda ruined by the markings made because of the dirty car window so yeah. #coolstorybro

Christmas time so a lot of lights and decorations :)

Alright that's all for part one!

Chocolate Santa says "Bye!" and "See you next time! Don't be naughty~~~"

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