Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Been eating this salad about thrice a week for a good month or so. I would actually eat it way more often but you can only get the salad from Cold Storage and there aren't any branches near me :(


~Pre-packed Italian Rocket Salad from Cold Storage
Awesome! Besides the salad leaves (obvs), it also comes with a few cherry tomatoes, a packet of croutons, a sachet of balsamic vinaigrette and a lil plastic fork.

Normally I love croutons (my all-time fave salad is Caesar Salad, wink wink~) but they're not that healthy so I give them a miss. Anyways I substitute croutons with other things that make the salad have more bite and flavour. You'll see later on!

~Kraft Caesar Italian Fat Free dressing
I do use the original balsamic vinaigrette which comes with the salad but I also add a wee bit of this.
Oh goodness me, lemme rave about this for a lil bit. You know how I said my fave salad is Caesar right? But the dressing isn't that healthy coz it's cream-based and all. Well, this dressing is basically Caesar dressing except it's not cream based! It's more to the vinegar side, the consistency is runnier etc. But the thing is, the taste of Caesar dressing is there! So yeah, amazing fat free substitute. I highly recommend it for Caesar Salad lovers like myself~~

~Parmesan cheese
Y'all know how crazy I am about cheese so naturally I just dump a mountain of cheese powder onto my salad. Every time.

~Pine nuts
Awesome source of protein and healthy fats! As well as some other health goodness which I can't remember right now. Bottom line is, it's GOOD! They are, however, on the expensive side. Grrr.

Pine nuts add variety to the mouth feel of the salad and the nutty flavour is always nice :)

Cranberry raisins. Usually added to Waldorf Salad, I think? But they add more variety to the mouth feel of the salad and the sweet flavour is a great contrast!

Yup that's about all :)

I love salad soooooo much ♥

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  1. I love having salad with vinaigerette because I think it's a much healthier option than creamy salad dressings! That picture looks nice.