Saturday, 18 August 2012

Yummy in my tummy~~

So yesterday I went to study with my girrrlfren~
Gosh can you believe I'm actually posting pictures that I took YESTERDAY? When have I ever been this efficient?!

Had lunch at Saizeriya which is one of my favourite restaurants. If you know Saizeriya, you probably already know why... Good food at ridiculously affordable prices!! /Criesss

My carbonara which had plenty of bacon! Delicious <3

My friend's mushroom and bacon risotto. She said it had a lot of mushrooms so. Thumbs up! Lolololol.

At Saizeriya, whatever food item you order you can pay an additional $2.80 for free-flow of drinks! Their drink choices include the usual soft drinks, orange juice, lemon barley and iced lemon tea. They also have a range of tea bags and a coffee machine. I must admit I'm not really a fan of coffee, my tummy is too weak for it, but I always love making the coffee here coz it is so FUN! Yeah basically just pressing a button and seeing the coffee filling the cup up but I am amused by this sort of thing xD

Happy discovery when the waiter brought the bill over, because we went at lunch time the drink buffet (lol) only cost $1.50!! OMGWTFBBQ RIGHT?!

Normally at restaurants the cheapest beverage on the menu is like $3-4 for a soft drink. And here we are getting unlimited drinks for only a dollar fifty?! DREAM COME TRUE~~~*~*

Teehee so yeah the cheapo in me was overjoyed about it.

For anyone who's curious I had a glass of iced lemon tea, a cup of mocha, a cup of latte and two cups of tea! One camomile and one peppermint. Usually don't drink tea except for green tea or iced milk tea (YUM) but I was having I thought it'd help soothe my uterus :) or whatever it's supposed to soothe lol.

After our delicious meal we sat there and did a lil bit of studying and a whole lot of chatting.

At one point during the lunch time crowd and the restaurant was pretty crowded, they blasted the airconditioning and it was ridonkulous. Literally it sounded like a tornado and when they suddenly switched it on all the diners were like !!! and turned their heads around in shock, thinking one of the ovens exploded or something. It got crazy cold and I legitimately was on the verge of freezing up but thank goodness my baby girl brought along a hoodie (which smelled amazing, btw) which she lent me! So sweet right omigosh thanks girrrl ♥

Shopped around for a bit afterwards.

I made this little promise to myself earlier in the year that I would not buy ANYMORE nail products til 2013. It was getting ridiculous, my cupboard is full of nail polishes that I use like once every two or three months. But I am getting sucked into it again omggg. Nail art is so much fun!! So yeah I'm looking forward to my nails getting nice and long then Im'ma paint them~~

Excited :D

And I'm probably gonna buy more nail stuff lol...It's like $2 so it's fine...right? :(


Teehee~ For the past two or three times that I've been to Liang Court, I've always planned on getting a crepe but I'm always too full after pigging out at Saizeriya to get it! To be honest I was still pretty full this time but I just had to get it coz I'd been craving for it for like the whole week :P

The crepe I mean.

*shifty eyes*


Well that's all for now! Cya next time ^_^

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