Saturday, 29 September 2012


A little fact about myself: I love watching gory movies.

Some well-known examples are the SAW and Final Destination series. Hostel is on a higher level coz it's just so messed up.

Final Destination movies have seriously weak storylines so I pretty much only watch for the death scenes. I remember last year when I was holidaying in China and I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't fall back asleep so I turned the TV on in the hotel room and they were showing Final Destination 3! I was like wheeeee~~ this gon be good lol. And everytime there was a death scene I burst out in chuckles!! Is that bad lol good grief. Not because I'm sick in the mind or whatever but it's just really...creative? And ridiculous I guess. My mother insists that I am 变态 -_- #sad

However, when I see blood in real life I get extremely queasy. In secondary 2 I fell down during an intense game of captain's ball (intense for me and like three other girls in my class. the rest were like standing around the court like statues and would scream when someone hurled the ball in their direction) (I can get very aggressive during sports if I want to. Not I anyhow say one okay quoted from my hot P.E teacher! It's a woman btw) and my knee was bleeding. Nothing major but the sight of the blood trickling down my leg (and staining my white socks goddamnit) grossed me out!! Apparently my face turned white in a matter of seconds. The PE teacher (not the aforementioned hottie, when this event took place my PE teacher was a dude) got really worried and he gave me a dollar to get hot milo from the canteen lol. So nice right?! THANK YOU MR TSE!!

Also a few weeks ago my sister ran up to me (rather excitedly) and showed me her freshly picked scab. It was a bloody mess omg!! I was caught off guard so I screamed and proceeded to whimper for a bit.

Anyways here's a morbid thought to end this post off.

Imagine if you went to wash your face, just as per normal. Then you instinctively reach for your face cloth and start wiping all over your face with it. Only, there's freaking STAPLES all over the cloth! And tadah your whole face is covered with deep, bleeding scrapes including your uber delicate eye area.

Please do not credit me with this little gem. I saw it on a comic strip on Tumblr haha.

EDIT: Okay I found it lol here it is
It's slightly gory so if you're the extremely fainthearted sort then don't say I didn't warn you!

If you guys have any morbid thoughts, do share them with me! I wanna see how creatively messed up you guys can get lol xD


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Wait what.

Hello my beautiful angels~~

Starting out this post with a gif that has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm about to blog about:

No reason other than that I love HIMYM and I love Robin Scherbatsky and I love Robin Sparkles and I love listening and singing and dancing to Let's Go To the Mall and did I mention I love HIMYM?

Robin is sexy.

So, a continuation of my obsession with the Next Top Model series (yup I'm still not over it. I need help). I'm currently watching America's NTM cycle 14 and it's alright I guess. I watched the last few episodes of it on Channel 5 a couple years back so I already know who's gonna win. Kind of a spoiler...

Jessica is seriously one of the prettiest, most Barbie-like girls I've ever seen.
I loved Ren so much, sad that she didn't enjoy being in the competition :(

Hate Angelea and Krista. I think Raina is quite ugly please don't kill me omg.

Okay well I was watching it the other day and they were getting their makeovers did~~~

And all of a sudden I had an incredibly strong urge to get my hair cut lol. Like without any prior thought about it, suddenly every single fibre of my body was attracted to the idea of getting a haircut and I got reeeally excited about it.

I've always had the mindset that the longer a girl's hair is, the prettier she'll look. I know it's probably not the case for some girls who actually look better with shorter styles but I think at least for me it applies.

But I got it trimmed a little bit shorter and I think it looks so great!! Lol self-praise whuuutt. Just saying my hair looks better and overall I just appear more pleasant. And it was getting a bit cumbersome to brush my hair as it's ridiculously thick.

Okay I was gonna blog about other things but I just got a phone call and now I can't remember what I was going to type lol.

Food pics!

Prawn aglio olio~~

AMAZING oreo cheesecake from Rive Gauche.

I'm off to have dinner now! My mum tabao-ed a kiddy set from Sakae Sushi for me. Mmmmm~~ I can almost taste it! And there's fried salmon too! OMG LEMME AT IT.

Bye y'all! :D

P.S - Sushi rice is DELICIOUS.

P.P.S - Let's Go To the Mall Today!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Things That Have Happened As of Late

Went to Bugis with the toned and fabulous Fifi after my much anticipated photoshoot! I was ecstatic because:

1. FEAST. I'd been on a week-long mild cleanse, which means I ate mostly healthy (read: tasteless) food. I was so excited to eat yummy junk food lol~

2. Get to hang out with mah Fifi omgzzz squeeee~~~


Went to eat at Astons because, who doesn't love Astons right? Affordable, filling and delicious.

They have two new side dishes!

The potato wedges were pretty freaking delicious. The mac & cheese was a little bit of a letdown coz in their picture the macaroni was like dripping with cheese sauce but in reality there's barely any sauce :(

Went shopping then we decided to get some dessert before going home. Fifi treated me to strawberry strudel! She is so nice omg I can't... :')

The most deliciously buttery, flaky pastry dusted with yummalicious sugar. The cream was AMAZING as well. Wanted to get the legendary apple strudel but they didn't have it in slice form. Oh well, next time!

Note Fifi's ultra toned and sexy arm in the background ;)


Went to have Swensen's breakfast at the airport.

I was really sad because the menu changed since the last time I went there :( It was an incredible breakfast fantasy experience that time so naturally I was looking forward to it so much. Then they changed it! They changed everything!! URGHHHH!!!!!!! #FURY

The breakfast I had last time. Yummy. I know the scrambled eggs resemble vomit but it was tasty. I'm referring to the eggs not vomit. The creamy mushrooms were amazing. Cheesy sausages beats the new weird sausages. FREAKING DELICIOUS SLAB OF FRENCH TOAST. I guess the only thing that didn't deprove drastically was the hash brown. It's pretty much the same. Crispy, delicious and fragrant. But everything besides that is a major DNW :( *pout*

After breakfast, my mum, my sis and I hung out at the airport for a bit. We went at like four in the morning and stayed on til shortly after noon so we were all superrrr tired. But we did a little bit of shopping so it's all good! Mum bought Ellen's book for me! :D Been wanting to get it for so long!! It was hilarious (goes without saying) and I spent the day LOL-ing while reading the whole thing.


Bought these Etude nail polishes when I went shopping with darling Rai last Wednesday. They are having a 1 for 1 sale on selected polishes! There's a range of prices, I obviously only concentrated on the cheapest ones lol which are $2 each. So it's $2 for two! Omggg that's cheaper than freaking Daiso! And Etude nail polishes are pretty damn awesome! Ahhhhhh!!

*rolling on the floor*

Can't wait til my nails get long and decent-looking enough to be painted :3

Alright ciao for now see you guys in a bit ♥


Friday, 7 September 2012

Wanna Be On Top?

This post is going to be all about the Next Top Model series so if you don't watch it, you probably won't catch any balls reading this :)

Okay so last week I suddenly decided to started watching the series again. During my early teen years (primary five to sec two?) I was completely OBSESSED with America's Next Top Model. It was ridiculously and REALLY embarrassing. I would go remember the FULL names of the contestants (don't even know why) and I would feel so proud of myself when I could list the full names of the contestants in order of elimination (WHAT is wrong with me seriously?!?). I'd go to this really good website which had the photos from all the photoshoots and EDIT them and make them really chio and I'd post them on my then blog and/or use them as my MSN display picture. While waiting for new episodes to be uploaded onto Youtube I'd rewatch old eps over and over again. Gosh I think I was really out of control back then...My mum came to know Tyra Banks as my girlfriend... OTL

So last week I decided to download Australia's Next Top Model instead of America's. No particular reason except for the fact that I really enjoy hearing Australian accents LOL. And I lost control again...Downloaded the whole of Season 5 at one go. And I had to click through all the steps MANUALLY omg...67 parts. I think I click until siao xD

It was really nice to watch :) Did I mention I finished watching the entire season in like three days lol~ I was a little stunned that they didn't censor the f-word -_-

Well okay that was a pointless little raving of my latest obsession. If you're still reading, here's an adorable picture so you can get your daily dose of awwwww~~~!

Taken from Tumblr

I am excited to go watch season 4 later. I watch it everyday before going to bed and last night...I dreamt of Demelza LOL. It was like really vivid and everything!! Gosh I have a problem...

Monday, 3 September 2012

Tee Cee Cee

Two weeks ago on Wednesday (pretty momentous day, I reckon. hehe~) I went to have dinner at TCC with Reika ❤ .

It was supposed to be a celebration dinner but ended up otherwise, since the result wasn't known yet. But as it turns out, I was entitled to celebrate! ;D

Reika's tofu and mushroom salad. It smelled divine. And the salad had quail eggs!! Omg so cute~~

My enchiladas :D

Wanted to have a nice treat coz I was staaaaarving and it was potentially the last indulgence I could have before starting my seven day mild cleanse~

The cheese on the enchiladas smelled AMAZING. I almost wept because upon arrival of the food and smelling how delicious they were, I couldn't dig in without first taking some photos. And the lighting was pretty dim so I had to take numerous shots at different angles, all while the scent of the heavenly cheese wafted around me OTL

Alrighty, it's game night so I'm off to go play Scrabble~! ^_^