Saturday, 29 September 2012


A little fact about myself: I love watching gory movies.

Some well-known examples are the SAW and Final Destination series. Hostel is on a higher level coz it's just so messed up.

Final Destination movies have seriously weak storylines so I pretty much only watch for the death scenes. I remember last year when I was holidaying in China and I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't fall back asleep so I turned the TV on in the hotel room and they were showing Final Destination 3! I was like wheeeee~~ this gon be good lol. And everytime there was a death scene I burst out in chuckles!! Is that bad lol good grief. Not because I'm sick in the mind or whatever but it's just really...creative? And ridiculous I guess. My mother insists that I am 变态 -_- #sad

However, when I see blood in real life I get extremely queasy. In secondary 2 I fell down during an intense game of captain's ball (intense for me and like three other girls in my class. the rest were like standing around the court like statues and would scream when someone hurled the ball in their direction) (I can get very aggressive during sports if I want to. Not I anyhow say one okay quoted from my hot P.E teacher! It's a woman btw) and my knee was bleeding. Nothing major but the sight of the blood trickling down my leg (and staining my white socks goddamnit) grossed me out!! Apparently my face turned white in a matter of seconds. The PE teacher (not the aforementioned hottie, when this event took place my PE teacher was a dude) got really worried and he gave me a dollar to get hot milo from the canteen lol. So nice right?! THANK YOU MR TSE!!

Also a few weeks ago my sister ran up to me (rather excitedly) and showed me her freshly picked scab. It was a bloody mess omg!! I was caught off guard so I screamed and proceeded to whimper for a bit.

Anyways here's a morbid thought to end this post off.

Imagine if you went to wash your face, just as per normal. Then you instinctively reach for your face cloth and start wiping all over your face with it. Only, there's freaking STAPLES all over the cloth! And tadah your whole face is covered with deep, bleeding scrapes including your uber delicate eye area.

Please do not credit me with this little gem. I saw it on a comic strip on Tumblr haha.

EDIT: Okay I found it lol here it is
It's slightly gory so if you're the extremely fainthearted sort then don't say I didn't warn you!

If you guys have any morbid thoughts, do share them with me! I wanna see how creatively messed up you guys can get lol xD


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