Monday, 3 September 2012

Tee Cee Cee

Two weeks ago on Wednesday (pretty momentous day, I reckon. hehe~) I went to have dinner at TCC with Reika ❤ .

It was supposed to be a celebration dinner but ended up otherwise, since the result wasn't known yet. But as it turns out, I was entitled to celebrate! ;D

Reika's tofu and mushroom salad. It smelled divine. And the salad had quail eggs!! Omg so cute~~

My enchiladas :D

Wanted to have a nice treat coz I was staaaaarving and it was potentially the last indulgence I could have before starting my seven day mild cleanse~

The cheese on the enchiladas smelled AMAZING. I almost wept because upon arrival of the food and smelling how delicious they were, I couldn't dig in without first taking some photos. And the lighting was pretty dim so I had to take numerous shots at different angles, all while the scent of the heavenly cheese wafted around me OTL

Alrighty, it's game night so I'm off to go play Scrabble~! ^_^

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