Sunday, 23 September 2012

Wait what.

Hello my beautiful angels~~

Starting out this post with a gif that has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm about to blog about:

No reason other than that I love HIMYM and I love Robin Scherbatsky and I love Robin Sparkles and I love listening and singing and dancing to Let's Go To the Mall and did I mention I love HIMYM?

Robin is sexy.

So, a continuation of my obsession with the Next Top Model series (yup I'm still not over it. I need help). I'm currently watching America's NTM cycle 14 and it's alright I guess. I watched the last few episodes of it on Channel 5 a couple years back so I already know who's gonna win. Kind of a spoiler...

Jessica is seriously one of the prettiest, most Barbie-like girls I've ever seen.
I loved Ren so much, sad that she didn't enjoy being in the competition :(

Hate Angelea and Krista. I think Raina is quite ugly please don't kill me omg.

Okay well I was watching it the other day and they were getting their makeovers did~~~

And all of a sudden I had an incredibly strong urge to get my hair cut lol. Like without any prior thought about it, suddenly every single fibre of my body was attracted to the idea of getting a haircut and I got reeeally excited about it.

I've always had the mindset that the longer a girl's hair is, the prettier she'll look. I know it's probably not the case for some girls who actually look better with shorter styles but I think at least for me it applies.

But I got it trimmed a little bit shorter and I think it looks so great!! Lol self-praise whuuutt. Just saying my hair looks better and overall I just appear more pleasant. And it was getting a bit cumbersome to brush my hair as it's ridiculously thick.

Okay I was gonna blog about other things but I just got a phone call and now I can't remember what I was going to type lol.

Food pics!

Prawn aglio olio~~

AMAZING oreo cheesecake from Rive Gauche.

I'm off to have dinner now! My mum tabao-ed a kiddy set from Sakae Sushi for me. Mmmmm~~ I can almost taste it! And there's fried salmon too! OMG LEMME AT IT.

Bye y'all! :D

P.S - Sushi rice is DELICIOUS.

P.P.S - Let's Go To the Mall Today!

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  1. OMG you like How I Met Your Mother too!!! :D