Friday, 7 September 2012

Wanna Be On Top?

This post is going to be all about the Next Top Model series so if you don't watch it, you probably won't catch any balls reading this :)

Okay so last week I suddenly decided to started watching the series again. During my early teen years (primary five to sec two?) I was completely OBSESSED with America's Next Top Model. It was ridiculously and REALLY embarrassing. I would go remember the FULL names of the contestants (don't even know why) and I would feel so proud of myself when I could list the full names of the contestants in order of elimination (WHAT is wrong with me seriously?!?). I'd go to this really good website which had the photos from all the photoshoots and EDIT them and make them really chio and I'd post them on my then blog and/or use them as my MSN display picture. While waiting for new episodes to be uploaded onto Youtube I'd rewatch old eps over and over again. Gosh I think I was really out of control back then...My mum came to know Tyra Banks as my girlfriend... OTL

So last week I decided to download Australia's Next Top Model instead of America's. No particular reason except for the fact that I really enjoy hearing Australian accents LOL. And I lost control again...Downloaded the whole of Season 5 at one go. And I had to click through all the steps MANUALLY omg...67 parts. I think I click until siao xD

It was really nice to watch :) Did I mention I finished watching the entire season in like three days lol~ I was a little stunned that they didn't censor the f-word -_-

Well okay that was a pointless little raving of my latest obsession. If you're still reading, here's an adorable picture so you can get your daily dose of awwwww~~~!

Taken from Tumblr

I am excited to go watch season 4 later. I watch it everyday before going to bed and last night...I dreamt of Demelza LOL. It was like really vivid and everything!! Gosh I have a problem...


  1. Thats seriously the cutest and fluffest thing I've ever seen!!! OMG.

  2. I absolutely loved ANTM during my college days, though I don't think I was as into it as you were hehe
    I followed every season until I felt it started getting a bit repetitive then I stopped. Reading this makes me want to watch some of the other -NTMs :D