Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Perth 2011: Part 2

Well hello there, my pretties. Here's the second and final installment of my adventures in Aussieland. Which was during December 2011... Part 1 here.

These pictures were taken during the last few days of the trip. I'm really fond of taking photos from within the airplane, of the beautiful fluffy clouds and how tiny the landscape looks from thousands of miles off the ground. So prepare for snaps of those! Hehehe~

Activity time!! Spot in the above picture:

1. A freaking creepy-looking spider.
2. A poor bug trapped in the spider's web about to be devoured :(
3. A bird resting on the TV antenna
4. A bird flapping its wings and taking off! Look at that motion blur!



Holy hell my mouth is watering now just looking at those deepfried balls of dough-y goodness. LOOK AT THE CINNAMON SUGAR. LOOK AT IT!!!!!

Huge Christmas tree adorned with rainbow-coloured lights that we saw while we were driving to the city past midnight! We decided to drive up closer to it so we could take pics. My whole family was snapping away at it with our cameras and phones then all of a sudden the clock struck twelve, it was 1 A.M and the rainbow lights just went off lol. From super bright and dazzling to pitch black lol it was fairly shocking xD

No late-night car ride is complete without milkshakes~~! My tubby tummy and thunder thighs can vouch for that :\

The day before our flight, we pretty much stayed up the whole night. I spent time reading my old magazines, watching Taken, stuffing my face with fast food that I can't get in Singapore. Oh and we played games!


Basically a really fancy version of 跳飞机 :)

Plant/berry thingamabob my dad found in our backyard~

Time to say goodbye for another year :(

Say hello to photos taken from high in the sky!

Boats! Boats! Boats boats boats~~!!

How I Met Your Mother reference? Anyone?

Aaaaaand we've arrived in Singapore :)

Hope you enjoyed, I'm totally psyched for this year's trip to Perth. One month to go baybeh!! Whooooo~!!

Love Love Love!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Wheeee look at my nails~~

Well actually if you look at my nails right now they are bare (and bitten...they look quite horrible actually) but a few weeks back I decided to sit down and give myself a manicure with my delightful new Etude polishes that cost one. Dollar. Each. ONE DOLLAR I TELL YOU! ETUDE!!

And the colours were gorgeous :')

The highlight is the lil heart on my pinky finger. It's nowhere near perfect but I'm usually so fail at these things I think it's a tremendous improvement from my previous efforts. Also I don't understand how I can mess up something that seems so simple and straightforward, but everytime I try to do polka dots it always turns out looking like poo-poo. I finally managed to create a decent-looking polka dot pattern on my thumbnail :')

Alas I repeated the same pattern on my other thumb and it wound up looking bad. Real bad. Therefore no pics.



So the other day I went to sit for my paper and I tried really hard to just focus on mentally preparing myself before the exam but oh my gaaaahd. Some people. I just...Oh god I can't even begin to explain. Their dressing, behaviour and just everything. Throughout the whole time I was forced to be in the same room as them I couldn't stop thinking: [click]

Goodnight everybody~

And please, behave yourselves.

Saturday, 13 October 2012


Hey there lovelies~ :D

So recently I went to grab some food at Brunetti again.

Deeeeeeeeeeeee-lectable pastries. There's seriously such a wonderful plethora of colourful desserts that look uber pretty and probably taste amazing as well. It's really fun to just admire them one by one :) Coz you can't possibly afford to eat them all (both in terms of money and yer waistline oh hohoho~~).

Strawberry cheesecake flavour, which I got the last time I went there :)

Belgium chocolate and some coffee flavour which I can't remember the exact name of.

Tiramisu (mine :D) and my sister's blue thingy, think it was called Blue Sky or something. It just tastes really buttery and it's pretty nice but a tad too sweet for my liking.

Had this amaaaaaaaazing focaccia sandwich. Had carrots, yello and purple eggplants (which I love), olives (love them too) and GLORIOUS CHEESE. It was awe inspiring :')

That's all for now. I'm terribly ashamed of how much time I've spent online... Just gonna ignore that feeling and continue LOL-ing on Tumblr and Youtube til the sun comes up...


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What Is a Meter Maid...?!

Well hello there you soft little dumplings and welcome to yet another installment of me spazzing about the Next Top Model series!

I finished watching series 6 of Aussie's Next Top Model recently and it was really nice! So many pretty girls lol.
  • Kelsey was soooo pretty. Not only did she look pleasant, she was just bubbly and adorable in general.
  • Okay don't brick me but I totally didn't want Amanda to win. I'm fine with her coz she seems nice and intelligent and errthang but gosh I don't find her appearance that extraordinary at all. But apparently that's the kind of look FASHUN people are looking for so okay that's cool.
  • I liked Brittany too, she's so purty :3 But it was a pity she seemed so shy and reserved on the show. Would have loved to see her show her personality a bit more.
  • Kimberley. Lol I'm glad they kept her on the show for a considerable number of episodes because she made things really interesting. I think her haircut absolutely transformed her (in a good way). What I'm really confused is what exactly is a meter maid? The web definition is, 'policewoman who is assigned to write parking tickets'. What I don't get is how being a meter maid for three years caused Kimberley to have a deep-rooted hate for wearing bikinis? Did she for some reason have to issue parking tickets while clad in a bathing suit?! I AM CONFUSED. Also during the first episode Sarah Murdoch said she works at Hooters so. Ummm. Somebody clear this up for me if possible thanks.
  • When I first saw Jessica's face for the very first time in the opening I was like GOOD LORD not in a horrified way just stunned because she has such an unusual look. But I find her really pleasant because she just seems so smart and non-bitchy :)
  • Last but not least, Sophie: Earlier in the series I didn't really pay much attention to her and I was quite certain she'd be eliminated pretty early in the series coz her performance was pretty average but I started liking her more after she finally accepted her haircut. There was this one particular moment which made me LOL and thereafter started liking Sophie A LOT.
So basically there was this episode where they had to go to the gym and work out. Sophie was saying how her muscles were so big that she named them:

HAHAHAHAHA I cracked up at this part she is just so adorbs lol. How do you even come up with that stuff?! And I really like how she's so fit. Her awesome skin and smokin' body is probs due to her working out like, every single day.


Okie dokie artichokie I'll see you all next time!

Currently watching America's NTM cycle 17 (aka All Stars cycle) I was so so so UPSET that Sheena got eliminated so damn early :( She is hot as hell and her personality is charming too. I think it wasn't 100% fair that she got the boot coz her critiques were nothing major and a handful of other girls performed just as bad if not worse than her. Oh well :( Rooting for Allison now! And strangely Angelea and Dominique even though I hated them during the cycles they were formerly in.

Monday, 8 October 2012


Well I'm not sure if you could call this a haul post but basically I'm just gonna be talking about some new lip products which I've received from my Mama over the past few months :D

Lollipops Paris lipsticks that come in some pretty dazzling packaging. 번쩍 번쩍~!! Loving the tassels too!

Mine :) The external body has a cool rubbery sort of texture.

This shade is called Girls Wanna Have Pink!

I really love the pretty design omo~~

PUPA Rapid Action Volume Enhancing lipstick in 300. I love the smell of it! It's like this baby powder-ish smell that's really nice~~ ^_^

REVLON Colour Burst lipgloss in 006 Strawberry. At first glance it seemed like a strong shade of red but it's actually a really dark pink!

I've never tried a bold, red lip (I'm actually pretty boring when it comes to lip colours, I stick to mainly neutral lipglosses and like one pink shade that I really like. I find that light pinks look really weird with my skin tone :\) so I was the most excited about this one!

It's like freaking WITCHCRAFT but the PUPA lipstick becomes a totally different shade when you actually apply it!

I wasn't sure how the Revlon would look...I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried that it'll make me look scream-inducing...But lo and behold! It was my favourite of the lot lol!

I really like how it looked but I still don't know when I'd actually be able to pluck up the courage to wear it out hehehe~~ :P

Absoulutely AMAZING lip butter. I blogged about it when I first got it (in Vanilla Strawberry flavour, YUM!!!?!??!!) and I've come to love it even more since then. The only flaw about it is I'm a lil bit too lazy to apply it with my finger all the time...I prefer using like sticks of lipgloss/balm lol but yeah that's just me being extreeeeemely lazy what else is new.

The flavour above has a really nice beachy, tropical scent. And there's a very distinct smell of...SOMETHING. Like a candy or something that I remember smelling before when I was younger but I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is. UGH don't you just hate it when you know something and it's at the back of your head but you just can't put your finger on it?! DRIVES ME NUUUUUTSSSSSS!!

Okay Tumblr time bye :D

P.S I watched episode 2 of HIMYM Season 8 and of course it was LEGENDARY.