Saturday, 13 October 2012


Hey there lovelies~ :D

So recently I went to grab some food at Brunetti again.

Deeeeeeeeeeeee-lectable pastries. There's seriously such a wonderful plethora of colourful desserts that look uber pretty and probably taste amazing as well. It's really fun to just admire them one by one :) Coz you can't possibly afford to eat them all (both in terms of money and yer waistline oh hohoho~~).

Strawberry cheesecake flavour, which I got the last time I went there :)

Belgium chocolate and some coffee flavour which I can't remember the exact name of.

Tiramisu (mine :D) and my sister's blue thingy, think it was called Blue Sky or something. It just tastes really buttery and it's pretty nice but a tad too sweet for my liking.

Had this amaaaaaaaazing focaccia sandwich. Had carrots, yello and purple eggplants (which I love), olives (love them too) and GLORIOUS CHEESE. It was awe inspiring :')

That's all for now. I'm terribly ashamed of how much time I've spent online... Just gonna ignore that feeling and continue LOL-ing on Tumblr and Youtube til the sun comes up...


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  1. That place looks amazing! I want all the cakes and pastries! Blue ice creams/gelatos fascinate me.