Monday, 8 October 2012


Well I'm not sure if you could call this a haul post but basically I'm just gonna be talking about some new lip products which I've received from my Mama over the past few months :D

Lollipops Paris lipsticks that come in some pretty dazzling packaging. 번쩍 번쩍~!! Loving the tassels too!

Mine :) The external body has a cool rubbery sort of texture.

This shade is called Girls Wanna Have Pink!

I really love the pretty design omo~~

PUPA Rapid Action Volume Enhancing lipstick in 300. I love the smell of it! It's like this baby powder-ish smell that's really nice~~ ^_^

REVLON Colour Burst lipgloss in 006 Strawberry. At first glance it seemed like a strong shade of red but it's actually a really dark pink!

I've never tried a bold, red lip (I'm actually pretty boring when it comes to lip colours, I stick to mainly neutral lipglosses and like one pink shade that I really like. I find that light pinks look really weird with my skin tone :\) so I was the most excited about this one!

It's like freaking WITCHCRAFT but the PUPA lipstick becomes a totally different shade when you actually apply it!

I wasn't sure how the Revlon would look...I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried that it'll make me look scream-inducing...But lo and behold! It was my favourite of the lot lol!

I really like how it looked but I still don't know when I'd actually be able to pluck up the courage to wear it out hehehe~~ :P

Absoulutely AMAZING lip butter. I blogged about it when I first got it (in Vanilla Strawberry flavour, YUM!!!?!??!!) and I've come to love it even more since then. The only flaw about it is I'm a lil bit too lazy to apply it with my finger all the time...I prefer using like sticks of lipgloss/balm lol but yeah that's just me being extreeeeemely lazy what else is new.

The flavour above has a really nice beachy, tropical scent. And there's a very distinct smell of...SOMETHING. Like a candy or something that I remember smelling before when I was younger but I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is. UGH don't you just hate it when you know something and it's at the back of your head but you just can't put your finger on it?! DRIVES ME NUUUUUTSSSSSS!!

Okay Tumblr time bye :D

P.S I watched episode 2 of HIMYM Season 8 and of course it was LEGENDARY.

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