Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Perth 2011: Part 2

Well hello there, my pretties. Here's the second and final installment of my adventures in Aussieland. Which was during December 2011... Part 1 here.

These pictures were taken during the last few days of the trip. I'm really fond of taking photos from within the airplane, of the beautiful fluffy clouds and how tiny the landscape looks from thousands of miles off the ground. So prepare for snaps of those! Hehehe~

Activity time!! Spot in the above picture:

1. A freaking creepy-looking spider.
2. A poor bug trapped in the spider's web about to be devoured :(
3. A bird resting on the TV antenna
4. A bird flapping its wings and taking off! Look at that motion blur!



Holy hell my mouth is watering now just looking at those deepfried balls of dough-y goodness. LOOK AT THE CINNAMON SUGAR. LOOK AT IT!!!!!

Huge Christmas tree adorned with rainbow-coloured lights that we saw while we were driving to the city past midnight! We decided to drive up closer to it so we could take pics. My whole family was snapping away at it with our cameras and phones then all of a sudden the clock struck twelve, it was 1 A.M and the rainbow lights just went off lol. From super bright and dazzling to pitch black lol it was fairly shocking xD

No late-night car ride is complete without milkshakes~~! My tubby tummy and thunder thighs can vouch for that :\

The day before our flight, we pretty much stayed up the whole night. I spent time reading my old magazines, watching Taken, stuffing my face with fast food that I can't get in Singapore. Oh and we played games!


Basically a really fancy version of 跳飞机 :)

Plant/berry thingamabob my dad found in our backyard~

Time to say goodbye for another year :(

Say hello to photos taken from high in the sky!

Boats! Boats! Boats boats boats~~!!

How I Met Your Mother reference? Anyone?

Aaaaaand we've arrived in Singapore :)

Hope you enjoyed, I'm totally psyched for this year's trip to Perth. One month to go baybeh!! Whooooo~!!

Love Love Love!

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