Saturday, 20 October 2012

Wheeee look at my nails~~

Well actually if you look at my nails right now they are bare (and bitten...they look quite horrible actually) but a few weeks back I decided to sit down and give myself a manicure with my delightful new Etude polishes that cost one. Dollar. Each. ONE DOLLAR I TELL YOU! ETUDE!!

And the colours were gorgeous :')

The highlight is the lil heart on my pinky finger. It's nowhere near perfect but I'm usually so fail at these things I think it's a tremendous improvement from my previous efforts. Also I don't understand how I can mess up something that seems so simple and straightforward, but everytime I try to do polka dots it always turns out looking like poo-poo. I finally managed to create a decent-looking polka dot pattern on my thumbnail :')

Alas I repeated the same pattern on my other thumb and it wound up looking bad. Real bad. Therefore no pics.



So the other day I went to sit for my paper and I tried really hard to just focus on mentally preparing myself before the exam but oh my gaaaahd. Some people. I just...Oh god I can't even begin to explain. Their dressing, behaviour and just everything. Throughout the whole time I was forced to be in the same room as them I couldn't stop thinking: [click]

Goodnight everybody~

And please, behave yourselves.

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