Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bloody Halloween

Am I really going to post about Halloween one week after it happened?

Why yes, yes I am.

Looky here...

Halloween hot chocolates! :D

They're basically small tubs of powder and you simply add 2-3 tablespoons of it to hot water and ta-dah! Hot chocolate! ^_^

Super love the cool names and lil slogans~

It's great that they put in an effort to make each flavour's description unique and interesting, considering these cost a small fortune.

Well they were around $13 to $15 if I'm not wrong and that, to me, is EXTRAVAGANT.

The flavours~

I decided to give it a try and naturally I picked blood red as it's the most interesting-sounding and is also in my favourite colour ;)

Also I hate white chocolate lol. Too sweet for me, ugh~

The powder is light pink!! OMO~~

Added a heaping tablespoonful of it to hot water...

Clearly not enough haha. But look it's pink! How pretty! :D

Adding more~~~

Bloop bloop! Dissolve~!


It's kind of a coral-y pink shade rather than actual red.

Taste-wise, it just tastes like watered down milk that has been badly flavoured so...I didn't really like it :(

Hopefully the dark hot chocolate will taste better :\

Happy belated Halloween to you guys! Hope you had a great time whether you went trick-or-treating, dressed up for a costume party or sat at home playing Neopets til 3 AM like I did :)

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