Saturday, 3 November 2012

Clementi Mall Yum Yum

A while back, I went to Clementi mall with my fam. We had lunch, borrowed some books at the library and shopped around for a bit before having dinner there also hoho~ Here are some food peekchas.

Sorry about the crappy quality I used my sister's iPod coz I didn't bring my camera out :(

First up...ICHIBAN sushi!! It's so fun to take the plates of sushi and other delicious Japanese nibbles off the revolving display thingy! *overexcited grin*


:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Is that not a winning combo?! And look at how the cheese is ever so slightly charred. YUMMO ♥

At the beginning of the year I started watching Hell's Kitchen and I became SO addicted to it. They're always like RISOTTO! SCALLOPS! and BEEF WELLINGTON! (WARNING: Don't watch Hell's Kitchen on an empty stomach unless you want your stomach to growl at the TV like mine did)

So anyways I decided to try scallops one day and Oh. My. God.


They are so yummy!! So pictured above is some marinated scallop sushi. It was alright I guess, I didn't really like the taste of the marinade.

Don't worry scallops I still love you guys with all my heart oh yes I do come here all of you mmmmm hugs and kisses and OM NOM NOM NOM ooops sorry guys.

Teriyaki chicken. Smelled HEAVENLY.

Fried tofu :D It was mediocre. Forever love bonito flakes ♥
Dance for me! Dance!

I used to ask my mum why the bonito flakes would move about on our food and she told me it's because they are still alive lol and I totally believed it! I was like O_O OMG SO SCARY! and ate it all up anyways.

Okay that's all the pictures from Ichiban. We went in at like 5-ish and by the time we came out it was dinnertime so the queue was maaad long. And when I walked past all those hungry peeps waiting in line I was like heh heh SUCKAS~~

Jks lol that's mean.

A few hours later...FISH & CO.~~~!! :O

F my life seriously. I'm allergic to fish so I couldn't eat their famous fish and chips :(
And they have such a wide range of scrumptious-sounding fish and chips! SOME HAVE CHEESE ON IT. CHEESE. Ugh!!!!

Platter :D

Freaking love the calamari and prawns. Soooo good with mayo dip! #fatty

OH HAI if it isn't my good friend scallops again! :D

Pretty yummy but it's a bit annoying to eat coz there's always bound to be little fragments of the shells. You're like chewing on the delicious scallop with the super amazing cheese and tomato sauce and all of a sudden CRUNCH CRUNCH oh god what was that it was a freaking piece of shell have fun separating it from the food particles and spitting it out.

Seeing this photo makes me want to cry. I don't think you have ANY idea how good that sauce tastes. And sure, the succulent prawn is gone after like two mouthfuls but IT IS JUST SO YUMMY OMG CRYYY.

Okie dokie artichokie that's all for today see you soon :)

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  1. HAHA your style of writing is funny. you seem like a hyper kid! hah ;)