Friday, 30 November 2012

Cutest Couple EVARRR & Massive Fangirling For Kay Kay

So last Sunday I met up with Jaznale and Jeremy, who were just oozing couple-y sweetness all over the place. And they brought me to this homely Korean restaurant where I finally had the chance to try ddeokbokki! :D

Spicy Korean rice cakes. Yummy but too hot for a spice wimp like me haha.

Afterwards we headed to town to redeem my free SASAtinnie mascara courtesy of Seventeen magazine. I am totally flabbergasted that they are ending their run. Why?! WHY?!?! My favourite magazine since I was like twelve... :( I'm just really thankful to have been featured in the second last issue ever :') Also because I had to pick up the Kracie Happy Kitchen set I bought online. Will be playing with and blogging about it soon! ...Or three months later haha eet depends on my mood~~

Lastly, Jeremy gave me the wonderful tip off that Kay Kay was going to be at the flea market at *SCAPE, which was craaaaazy coz she is like a celeb in my mind lol. I watched every episode of Chick vs Dick multiple times like a maniac when I was holidaying in Perth like three years ago and spent the whole night surfin the net. I literally cheered when she started blogging last year. That woman is just so endearing!! And I really admire her intelligence~ Okay this is starting to sound a lil stalkerish so Im'ma stop gushing about her.

When we got there, Jeremy and I were soooo nervous and scanning the place for Kay Kay. Then I spotted Eric's bombastic green hairdo and I was like Oh. Snap.

The two of us tottered over to sneak a glance at Kay Kay while Jaznale followed behind probably wondering why Jeremy and I were fangirling SO hard haha. But anyways KK was sooo pretty and I kept contemplating about asking for a picture with her and I always chickened out at the last minute :( I knew if I didn't do it I would just regret it yet I was too much of a coward to ask!! WAE D;

So yeah after walking around and hyperventilating about how we just saw a big STAR (to Jeremy and I lol) we left and that night I dreamed about what happened in the day, only in the dream I actually took a photo with Kay Kay. And when I woke up I was all excited to go to my camera and see the pic only to receive a harsh slap from the reality that is I am a big ol wimp.


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  1. Awwwwww why didn't youuu??
    I met some celeb bloggers before and just strolled right up and asked them for a pic hehehe
    They usually oblige and are really nice if you ask nicely.
    KayKay is really pretty. At least you got to see her in person :)