Friday, 16 November 2012

Guangzhou 2012

I decided that it's probably a good idea to blog about my trip to Guangzhou, China before 2012 comes to a close haha. This took place during mid-January so...I'm ten months behind on this post...

*clap clap* Bravo.



My family and I flew Tiger Airways which meant no super awesome in-flight entertainment! Which is like 1/3 of the reason why I'm so madly in love with riding airplanes, along with the food~~ <3

When I first discovered that a lot of people detest airline food I was like whaaaaat. Girl you cray!

So anyways I borrowed a book from the library specially for the plane ride :)

But here's what I wound up doing instead...

This is quite sad really.

Around the end of last year was when I first started watching How I Met Your Mother. By January 2012 I had become a HUGE fan of it and of course I just had to watch and re-watch every single episode starting from Season 1! And yes I downloaded Let's Go To The Mall and danced to it and listened to it while I was studying and as you can see, I freaking memorised the lyrics and wrote them down on a piece of tissue paper.


I may have made some spelling errors on the Canada references and my handwriting looks shitty (*COUGH*I blame it on the shitty pen*COUGH*) so don't judge!

The book which I totally neglected after like four chapters.

I told you guys I'm crazy about cupcakes lol. I was soooo excited to read it but turns out it wasn't really about cupcakes at all haha #sadface


Chinese New Year snacks :D

The candied lotus root (in the middle) is so unique! Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think it's commonly found in Singapore ._.


Buffet is seriously one of the most beautiful words in the English language.

Ooooh fancy~~!! :D

They were pretty freaking delicious.

SOMEBODY HELP ME. I physically CANNOT look at a picture of egg yolk prawns and not drool all over myself. I just can't.

Rather delicious fruit cake we had to celebrate my dad's birthday :)


Okay from this point onwards it's just gonna pictures of animals. Some cute and cuddly, some being absolutely derpalicious and the rest just being their majestic selves. So if you don't like animals, you can leave now and WHAT IS WRONG WIT U AJKDGHSLAJAKLHS WHO DOESN'T LIKE ANIMALS.

Hehe road block.


LOOK AT THAT ZELO RAMEN HAIR. And foam at the mouth hahahaha okay sorry that was mean I'm sorry Mr Yak(?) you look very dashing with your curly hair.

Awww best buddies for life!! :')

Baby hippos are sooooo cute it's a bit ridiculous.

KUA SIMI KUA. Hahaha I'm just kidding don't even say that xD

And lastly here's a photo of two bears either giving each other a big bear hug or about to engage in a clobberin' session.

Toodles~ ^_^

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  1. Mr. Yak has Zelo's ramen hair! Wow!! He's handsome.^^ Those tiger photos are awesome! ;-; And the "bearhug" photo, aww!