Monday, 12 November 2012

My Love For Saizeriya

I know I've raved previously about how much I love their delicious yet crazily affordable food but I just have to do it again.

The times I've patronised Saizeriya was always with my friend and each of us will just get a main course and the drink bar each. There was this one time I got the escargots and I almost cried they were SO GOOD. But anyways, this time I went with my mum and sis meaning HELL YEAH SMORGASBOARD. My mum was like "Go right on ahead and order whatever tickles your fancy~!" lol okay she didn't say it like that but still.

Pictured above is some freaking AMAZEBALLS pesto pasta (freaking love pesto), eggplant grilled with cheesy mine meat tomato sauce (YUM?!?!?!), some clams (meh it was alright, can't beat Fish & Co.'s mindblowing mussels in BUTTER SAUCE) and some fried chicken.

In all honesty the fried chicken was probably the first dish at Saizeriya I had to give a thumbs down to. The batter was boring and it wasn't even fried to crispiness, and the 'pepper sauce' was a watery mess, almost like water mixed with heaps of pepper and just a hint of cream. So yeah get anything you want just don't get the fried chicken.


Well today was a pretty productive day for me because after about two years of procrastinating, I finally sorted out my pictures folder which was a sky high mountain of mess. I also changed my blog's favicon (look up! it's the cute lil pudding next to my blog title at your tab :D) and my blogger profile picture (both a picture of an ugly-ass squirtle lol). I know you guys think my profile pic is sexy ;)

You can go and look at it here hehehe.

Hugs and kisses! Goodbye~!

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  1. Cant agree more. Greetings from a spaniard that made "El Saize" (The Saize-riya) his castle in Shanghai