Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nine Muses

When I first heard about the Kpop girl group Nine Muses, my first and only thought was: "Psssh. Freaking SNSD wannabes." and I hated them instantly. I didn't know anything about them other than the fact that they just so happened to have the same number of members as Girls' Generation.

Fast forward about a year later, I saw them performing on TV in one of those Kpop music performance shows. I was at my relative's house and I could barely hear the telelvision. I barely glanced at them before concluding to my cousin firmly, "Ugh, Nine Muses suck. No wonder they're still not famous. They are and will always be SNSD wannabes. *rolls eyes*". I believe I even commented that whatever song they were performing was bad, even though I wasn't able to hear it. *shrugs*

A few weeks later, I heard the song 'No Playboy' on Xfm 96.3 and decided to go search it on Youtube because it was so unbelievably catchy. was sung by Nine Muses.

I didn't really care at that point. I just loved the song and I did not want to begin liking the band. I tried to watch the music video but it's pretty old and low quality so it didn't exactly leave me in awe.

I went to search one of their No Playboy live perfs. "Horrible live singing skills.", I thought. "And they are all models? Some of them are not even pretty! -_-".

And then a series of events transpired...

I listened to Ticket and the song got stuck in my head. I loved the concept of the MV.
I listened to Figaro and it was a catchy song with a cool retro concept and the lyrics are rather cool.
I listened to News and I hated it. But during late September I suddenly LOVED it so much I listened to it at least ten times a day and up til now, I'm not sick of it. Everytime I listen to News the beat just makes me feel good and makes me want to dance.

Sometime in September...I became a FAN of Nine Muses.

During the times I watched their music videos and slowly get captivated by them, I always felt slightly irked by Hyuna. Do you want to know why?

Because I thought she was too damn beautiful lol. She is so gorgeous it HURTS. She's freaking sexy and her voice is fantastic.

Well my hate for her peaked and it became extreme LOVE. Moon Hyuna is now my girlfriend ultimate female bias (after SNSD's Sunny and followed by SPICA's Juhyun) and I have a whole folder of pics dedicated to her beauty.

Well I guess the moral of this post is to not make passing judgements. Give everyone a chance. People, myself included, tend to dislike a person without even knowing them first. Whether it's because you were affected by your friend's opinion of that person or you just hate the look of their face. Why do we do that?! Give everybody a chance.

Also I just felt like raving about Nine Muses.

Note: Even though I love them, I still think the live performances of No Playboy were baaaad. But they were rookies then and it definitely showed. Now their performances are so amazing to watch and the stage presence is awesome. Talented singers too :)

Lastly, look at this freaking letter Sera wrote to fans of Nine Muses:

I'm not the type of person to get sappy (trust me I'm not) but damn it I almost shed a tear.

Okay it is almost 3 A.M as I am typing this and I am tired out of my absolute mind and I don't know why I just type this post that's getting increasingly incoherent.

Thank you, bye-bye, have a nice day or have a good night. Actually you know what have both.

What am I even talking about I am so tired zzzzzzz.

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