Thursday, 22 November 2012

Pizza Hut More Like Delicious Main Courses Hut

So I've recently started buying coupons for whatever tickles my fancy on Groupon. So far only coupons for food and hair treatments and no products yet.

I used my very first coupon last week when I went out with Fifi ♥. I missed her so much D; And this sounds crazy but I haven't like, went out to shop and eat and hang out with a friend for about THREE WHOLE MONTHS. I wish I was joking but for real, I'd been holing myself up in my house studying and I was starting to get weird after going so long without social interaction outside of my family members... So yeah it was awesome to finally go out and be all crazy and hyper again after what felt like a millennium :D

My coupon was for two Pizza Hut main courses (whoop whoop!) and a drink! There was also an additional top-up option of three sweet and spicy drumlets so we got 'em too :)

Some of y'all are probably thinking that Pizza Hut is a place to eat pizzas and pizzas only and I am here to tell you right now YOU A FOOL. They have main courses which are yummalicious too!!

Fifi's chicken steak.

I didn't try the chicken but oh my gaaaaahhhhh the chips are FANTASTIC. That is all.

My rigatoni in hazelnut creme.

Initially I wasn't too keen on ordering it coz it seemed like just a plain creamy pasta but the smoked chicken sounded promising and I was curious as to how the ~hazelnut creme~ would taste like so I went ahead and tried it.



As far as hazelnuttiness goes, I couldn't really taste any significance? Or maybe my taste buds are just not as sophisticated but anyways the sauce had sooooo much cheese which is a dream come true for me because I absolutely hate it when pasta sauces smell all cheesy and delicious but when you taste it it's all bland and depressing.

The smoked chicken was FAB and they used delicious button mushrooms instead of the cheap basic kind so good job (Y)

Another Pizza Hut main course I tried several months ago was their cannelloni. The moment I heard that there was a place where I could have delicious and affordable cannelloni I was like dayum lemme get my money and head to the nearest Pizza Hut. I LOVE PASTA AND I LOVE RARE AND SPECIAL PASTAS EVEN MORE.

Just wanna give you guys a little heads up though, the appearance is not as promised by Pizza Hut's photos...




I had this with Bestest Friend In The Whole Wide World aka Farhana and we ordered the same thing. We were chatting (probably about something inappropriate) and when the waitress brought to plates of the above to our table we were like "Thaaaaanks!" while eyeing the cannelloni like, ummmmmm. dot dot dot.

Beauty is only crust deep, however, and the cannelloni proved to be quite delicious. I was able to enjoy it even though I was on the verge of passing out as I was just starting to fall into the depths of what would become the worse bout of flu I've had this whole year. Mountain of tissues soaked through with snot, throat hurting like a bitch, watery eyes and skinless nose. Sorry about being grossly ill while hanging out with you Farhana lol. And also spraying you with germs oops. (Remember the Malay cutie at Guardian mmmm dayum lol)

So yeah go get some deliciousness at Pizza Hut soon :)

Bye guyzzzz xoxo


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!

    And this post is making me hungryyyy. Speaking about food, I read your Guangzhou post and *high five* I love airplane food, too. Everyone be crazy!

    1. Thanks Joey! :D

      Haha I know right! *high five* Airplane food ftw!