Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sweet & Lovely~~

Alrighty, I've broken my wonderful streak of publishing a new post almost every single day because for the past week I actually went out of the house and interacted with other human beings! Oh my gosh! Do I finally have a life? :D

So I've accumulated a bunch of photos and happenings to blog about. Hopefully I'll have the motivation to clear them all before I head to Perth early December for my annual trip Down Under. Whoop whoop!!

Meanwhile, some random pics:

I've been soooo addicted to these Godiva choccies ♥

The sea salt toffee caramels are TO DIE FOR.

Rice with Vermont Instant Japanese Curry my mum cooked for dinner :) I think the usual one comes with carrots and potatoes so we assumed it would be the same for all kinds, but the one above was a variation that had ~*a touch of apple and honey*~ and it was just plain curry!! D: #flabbergasted

But anywho my mum put carrots and mushrooms into it, as well as some vile-tasting bak teng aka canned spiced pork cubes. I love eating meat but the flavour of the canned pork is just...bleurrrghhh.


In Kpop news this week, I'm still not catching on to Spica's new song 'Lonely'. It's frustrating coz 'Painkiller' and 'Russian Roulette' were so flawless that it made me a Mercury (for those of you who didn't know, MERCURY is the official fan club name for SPICA. And yes all this probably sounds like some major dumbness to you if you're not a Kpop stan aka stalker fan.) almost immediately and had me playing them on loop for a good month or so. 'I'll Be There' was considerably catchy but not as awesome as I'd hoped their comeback would be.

But can we just take a moment to appreciate the sheer beauty of my favourite member/wife, Juhyun?

I stopped breathing for a split second this was shown near the end of the MV.

On the flip side, one member of the group is really starting to annoy me. Never really noticed her in previous MVs but in 'Lonely', Narae has the exact same expression in the whole MV which is this sickeningly sad, confused vulnerable look that makes me really uncomfortable. It's so irritating that it's preventing me from watching the MV coz everytime it shows her I flinch and it's just not very fun.

And to make it worse, the letters of her name are 80% identical to mine!! Noooo D;

Maybe I will like her again in the future idk. Did I just type all that about my meaningless Kpop opinions.

*deep sigh*

Okie I am going to go fold laundry for pocket money now. Toodles~!

Why is the thunder so loud T^T

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  1. Those sweets look.. soo.. goood... *drooling* I love the colors of the packagings!
    I agree, Juhyun is totally beautiful~! But I also love Narae and her annoying expression, because it's still a very genuine expression.
    How do you feel about them these days? To me, they're one of those groups I sometimes listen, no fangirling.^^'