Thursday, 15 November 2012

Whipping Up Some Whipple Cupcakes

I absolutely adore cupcakes. Not so much eating them, but decorating them and just admiring how adorable they are in general ^_^

Sadly, my house doesn't have an oven so my baking days were over after I graduated secondary school and stopped having Food and Nutrition classes :(

I was so stoked when I learned about Whipple! No messy baking and calories involved, just decorating and making the (fake) cupcakes look uber pretty! :D

Basically Whipple is a cream that you pipe out onto different pre-made plastic food replicas. There's a wide range of different foods which you can decorate including cakes, fruit tarts, gingerbread biscuits and crepes.

The cream is inedible. It also smells pretty bad haha. Sort of like paint. It has a creamy consistency when you pipe it on and it slowly dries out and hardens. The surface dries in about an hour but it takes a day or two for the cream to set completely. Lastly, the cream is water soluble so whatever you do, don't get it wet or it'll become a big, gloppy mess!

The contents.

A star-shaped nozzle and nozzle cap. 3 key chains (can only be looped onto the little cupcakes). 3 big and 3 small cupcakes. Colourful beads, some rhinestones and plastic cut-outs for decoration.

The bag of cream, instruction sheet and a practice sheet for piping out various patterns.

The instructions are really helpful. They have step by step instructions on how to pipe each pattern so your decoration won't look like lao sai :D

My practice run! It says you should practice on a piece of paper to get the hang of it. But I think I practiced a little too much and as a result I didn't have enough cream left to finish decorating all the cupcakes :P

Good thing my mum also bought a pack of chocolate cream!

Are you ready to see what it looks like before you knead it and mix the contents of the cream evenly? Don't say I didn't warn you...

GODDAMN. Does the red liquid not look like chilli oil? Or something way grosser...Ladies, you know what I'm referring to >.<

Fruit decoration pieces :D

They are so awesome coz they make your creations look more realistic and yummy. The beads may look pretty but they just seem rather fake...

And...drumroll please!

My creations! (Except for the big cupcake on the left which was done by my sister)


Hehe it was good fun and it's great because you can keep them for life, provided you don't let them come into contact with water. They make really pretty decorations and the key chains make great presents. Wouldn't it be special to gift someone a unique customised key chain you decorated while thinking of them? Awwwww~!!

The downside would be the hefty price tags of these toys.

Cupcake set: $19.95 (Can't complain, the kit comes with everything you need but be careful to use the cream sparingly or you'll use up all of it and still have cupcakes left undecorated)
One piping bag of chocolate cream: $10.95 (Clever how they make this pricey coz they know fools like myself are gonna be like whoooo use all the cream!! and wind up having to buy filler packs <.<)
One box of decorative fruit pieces: $17.95

THAT'S ALMOST EIGHTEEN FREAKING DOLLARS. FOR TWENTY-TWO LITTLE PIECES OF PLASTIC FRUIT (okay it also comes with like a scattering of rhinestones but that's hardly worth anything). But people are still gonna buy it coz they just make your Whipple creations so. Damn. Pretty.

Damn it all these super happy fun toys like Whipple and Popin Cooking are so fun to play with but soooo expensive. #broke

Whipple sets can be purchased at Toys R Us :)


  1. Already the contents photo looks so sweet haha!! I love your creations, so delicious looking, yum! The bad thing about these is that you get so hungry looking at them lol. ^^

  2. I've seen these kits before but I never thought about buying them. It's a pity that you can't eat them. I liked your idea about giving the little cupcakes as presents or attaching them to a keychain, I had not thought of that. I think little girls would adore those cupcakes. I'm studying to be a teacher, so I will keep mind that those little cupcake thingies would be nice rewards to good little girls. However, maybe they will try to eat them. Well I guess it depends on their age whether it's appropriate or not.