Saturday, 15 December 2012

Awfully Cute

My godmum treated me to some dessert at Awfully Chocolate! It was my first time trying it. Yes, I'm terribly sua gu.

Their chocolate cake and 黑 (literally 'black') ice cream, which is essentially a dark chocolate ice cream. Soooo decadent and yummy~

Afterwards, we headed over to my godmum's little nieces' house where we played with their guinea pig!

And its name is...[BLANK]

No seriously it has no name lol.

No name judging you.

Breakfast at The Toast Box:

Peanut butter toast and my sister's uber sweet-smelling cotton candy Lipsmacker.

Ham and cheese toast which was pretty damn delicious but waaaay too salty. I couldn't take more than one bite without having to chug water.


Well as you can tell by the time at which I posted this entry, my sleep cycle is horribly messed up. Therefore, I'm going to stay up for as long as I possibly can today then crash and be well rested for my early morning flight on Sunday! There is no way in hell I'm gonna sleep on Singapore Airlines, with the freaking glorious entertainment they provide.

I ♥ airplane rides~~

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