Monday, 10 December 2012

Birthday 2012 :)

Fairly late post of my birthday meal and some pressies :P

On my birthday I craved some Japanese food, namely some dishes from Sakae Sushi. It kinda goes without saying but I could pick wherever I wanted to eat at, because I was queen for the day~! Oh ho ho ho~

Was looking forward to eyeing the conveyor belt with gleeful anticipation and grabbing the plates of goodies which I wanted to nom on but sadly, my family and I went kinda late thus there were only a few boring dishes circling the restaurant over and over again :(

Nevertheless, I got to satisfy my cravings with items from the menu!

Deep fried salmon! Soooo good with Japanese mayo. I'm so glad I can eat it without getting an allergic reaction, unlike when I eat raw salmon. WHY SO WEIRD?!

Tempura prawn crepe maki with cheese! It was alright I guess. Prawn lovers would enjoy it :) I ordered it because I love cheese lol.

Yummy caramel coffee drink with coffee-flavoured jelly bits that are so fun to nibble on!

My dad's katsudon except instead of pork, there's prawns. I LOVE THE TASTY EGG AND ONIONS ON KATSUDONS. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Afterwards we bought a birthday cake for moi and headed for dessert at Baskin Robbins :)

ABOUT TIME Singapore opened up some Baskin Robbin branches! I've always thought it'd be fun to work at an ice-cream parlour but frankly speaking, my lack of any arm strength would make it hard for me haha.

Can't really remember the flavours that we got but I know the yellow one was banana, which was the flavour of Scorpio, my star sign :)

Two reeeally yummy chocolate flavours. I think one was rocky road ♥

My birthday cake, along with some random knick-knacks in the background :P

I got the marble cheesecake from Crystal Jade bakery and I have to say it was an absolute disaster. I've tried the oreo cheesecake from the same place and it tasted great so naturally I expected the marbled variety to be just as amazing, if not better. It turned out to be an awful, sloppy mess. It wasn't like a cake at all, more like glop that they'd set in the fridge. Besides the horrible texture, the entire 'cake' was SALTY, without a hint of sweetness except of course for the pieces of chocolate. It was a nightmare. I don't know if this was a one-time dud or if Crystal Jade actually gets away with making such vile marbled cheesecakes. Okay now I sound kind of mean...But it truly was disgusting.

Alright it's almost half past 2 in the morning and I'm gonna go play with my Kracie Happy Kitchen set. Toodles!

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