Thursday, 6 December 2012

Food-induced Tears

On Tuesday my family and I went to pray at our regular temple before going to have dinner at our regular restaurant. Only thing was, our regular restaurant was no longer there.

The whole place was revamped, there was a new signboard and the restaurant had a new name. We recognized one of the staff, however, so we went in and enquired. Apparently there's been a change of management and they've come up with a brand new concept and menu.

I couldn't have been more pleased upon picking up their new menu. As much as I loved their previous dishes, their new selection of pastas and risottos seemed absolutely spectacular! They all come with a soup, a salad and a drink. I chose lychee-peach flavoured iced tea and it was sooooo great at quenching my monster thirst.

Sun-dried tomato pesto penne with delicious chicken chunks, which my parents shared. I LOVE PESTO!! The sauce had a curry-ish taste to it, super yummy.

My super awesome green pea risotto with...SCALLOPS!!!!! I FREAKING LOVE SCALLOPS!!!! The scallops were the only reason I ordered this dish tbh. The risotto was fine, nothing majorly impressive. But the cute lil scallops were AWSUM. Savoured every bite of it :')

My sister's carbonara which was AMAZEBALLS. The double-smoked bacon bits were soooo good. And non-fatty, too! I hate bacon with lots of gross white fatty bits >:(

Yes, I sampled everyone's dish and they were all incredibly yummy. The downside is that they are a bit on the pricey side hence I probably won't be going back, unless maybe for a special occasion. And I just miss them...I miss how tasty they are. And I'm sitting here thinking about them, looking at pictures of them...hence the tears.

Alright now this is just getting creepy and frankly, kind of sad so. Bye.


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  1. Everything does look yummy! That risotto is making me drool and they were so generous with the scallops!