Friday, 14 December 2012

I Donut Like You

(just kidding I wuv you~)

Kracie Happy Kitchen donuts!

The price is usually $11.90 for Kracie sets (found at any of those stores which have a separate compartment displaying each 'shop's' items) but I got mine for $8.10 from an online store which was having a sale! No additional fees as I met up with the seller. Well, unless you want to factor in the cost of transport I took to get there but I wanted to go to that place anyways. So yeah, $8.10 for a Kracie donut set, whooo~!!

I'm not gonna be captioning the photos much coz it's freaking cold tonight and I'm a little out of it. If you want to read some information-y comments then feel free to hop on over to my Kracie Happy Kitchen cupcakes post ^_^

A little dented but who cares as long as the contents inside are intact! :D

The dough smelled INCREDIBLE. Sweet and creamy with a hint of chocolate for the brown one. I couldn't resist it and took a nibble, they tasted horrid haha.


If this doesn't look like poop I don't know what does...

Complete with undigested chunks and all hahaha alright I'm gonna stop now.

All rolled up into little balls, ready to be moulded! Cute strawberry scissors not included with the Kracie set ;P

Oops one more doo-doo pic! Lolololol okay that's it no more poo for the rest of this post I promise! xD

When I did the Kracie cupcakes, there was just enough batter to make one of each shape in each of the two batter colours. So I assumed it would be the same for the donuts. But there was enough dough to make...

lotsa donuts. And I do mean LOTS!

On to the decoration phase!

Icing, which also smelled INSANELY good. I tried the chocolate one and it tasted great so I ended up having about half a teaspoon of it lol.

Sprinkles~! :D

And, the finished product...


It was fun but I stupidly started playing at like 3 in the morning (the cupcakes took me less than an hour so I just assumed lol. Stupid.) and I spent like, an hour just decorating them. Towards the end I was so tired and cranky it was hard to enjoy it :\

But all in all, I liked making and decorating them! I'm hoping to try some savoury food sets next. Also because I want to taste them lol #fatkid


Two more days til Perth! Omg is this really happening :O

I am gonna get soooo fat there lol I'm not even kidding. Le sigh. Hope my pants will still fit me after the trip.

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  1. Omg~ Too bad they can't be eaten! they tasted horrible!