Friday, 28 December 2012

My Introduction to The Janoskians

Yesterday, watching random Youtube vids together:

Me: Oh hey, who are the Janoskians and why are they famous?
Elle: Oh you don't know them??
Me: Nope the only video I've watched of them before is them doing the dance dare.

~Elle explains that they do pranks on the unsuspecting public, comedy vids etc~

Me: That's it?! And they have hordes of teenage girls obsessing over them like they're One Direction?!
Elle: Oh they released a song too.
Me: Oh that's cool I guess (not really impressed).
Elle: Well here let's watch one of their videos.

Four videos later...

Me: Ermm...I think I have a crush on one of them...
Elle: ..............................
Elle: "Oooh! I don't even know why girls like them~!" *facepalm*

So yeah that's basically how I started liking the Janoskians.

To be honest I was sold like, fourteen seconds into the first video that I watched lol ("Public Affection").

And the guy was Beau. Damn, he foine~

And after watching like, 10 more videos of them last night (in the freaking RIDONKULOUS heat and with slowass internet speed, that's dedication I tell you!) I also think the Brooks twins are supa cute lol.

Would it be too much to put up their poster on the surface of my completely empty wall when I get back to Singapore...?

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  1. Who? Janoskians? I might check them out later

    Happy New Year!!