Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Xmas Wishes

Well, I decided to make a pretty picture to say merry Christmas to you guys but I totally overlooked the fact that my grandparents' five year old laptop is slow as hell. Coupled with Snail Speed Internet, it took me about three hours to make this.


Just wanted to say merry Christmas to all of my lovely readers out there. Yes, all seven of you! Helloooo~!! :D


After some anxiety since last year, the World did not end on the 21st. Around midnight my dad was driving the family around Perth. I expected to see huge fireballs raining down on us, a tidal wave of flames consuming us from over the horizon etc. but alas, nothing of the sort. We went back home at around two in the morning, I showered and slept. Woke up the next day and the World was still there.

Is it weird that a little part of me was anticipating the apocalypse and was even slightly disappointed that it didn't happen?

Oh wells.

Cheers to the start of a new era!


Going to be saying bye-bye to Aussie in five days...

On one hand I can't bear to leave but I also really miss my life in Singapore. Yes, I'm talking to you, High-speed Internet.

And I can't wait to download and watch the new episodes of HIMYM.


Have a lovely Xmas!


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