Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Berry Lovin'

In all my years of existence, I'd never tried raspberries until the end of last year. I thought such pretty-looking berries would taste really sour but no, raspberries rocked my world.

The ones above were soooo sweet, it was equivalent to scarfing down candy. I'm not sure what country they were from but they were delicious (referring to the berries not humans).

Since they're berries and are such a beautiful bright colour, they're probably chock full of antioxidants but I'm too busy crying over how yummy they are to Google it.

Sadly they are on the pricey side, about $9 at Cold Storage for the amount shown in the picture.

Alright this has been a short lil update as I'm currently working on editing all my Perth photos and I seem to be tired all the time so it's kinda hard.

Cya guys. Eat fruits and stay healthy! :)


  1. Raspberries are totally my favorite berries! They are the most sweet, I think. You'd enjoy summer in Finland, there are so many sweet berries here.^^ I have no idea about the antioxidants, but the good thing is all the vitamins and calsium.^^
    They sure cost like hell there. o.o Next time I pick raspberries from our yard I'll remember to feel especially lucky!

  2. Wow, you make me feel like eating those berries! :) sadly, fruits especially berries are quite expensive in my country...