Friday, 4 January 2013

Hello Yes It's Me


I know I'm a tad late on saying this but

Happy New Year!!

First post of 2013, ooh yeah! Whoop whoop!

During my flight (which was on New Year's Day, how fun!) I was ecstatic to learn that they would be showing Pitch Perfect. I have been waiting sooooo long to watch it and it turned out to be nothing short of snort-inducing-ly hilarious!

I love that all the girls in the a capella group have their own funny traits and get up to all sorts of different quirky antics.

When I watched it on the flight, the air stewardesses were serving the meals and they were near my area when I just so happened to be watching a reeeally funny scene and I totally lost it lol. Do you know how hard it is to laugh hysterically yet silently?! I almost burst at the seams like fo serious.

Anyways I downloaded it and I'm gonna watch it again tonight (big ol' grin) along with my new episode of HIMYM! Double episode HELL YEAH.

Okelly-dokelly off I go!

P.S Sorry for the Ned Flanders greeting and sign-off, I've been reading a ton of Simpsons comics and some of them are pretty freaking funny lol. Okay bye.

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