Saturday, 19 January 2013

High in the Sky

DAY 1: Departure!


Call me sua gu but I love it too much not to snap a picture of it so that I can get it printed and framed. I want to cuddle it to sleep every night so that I may have sweet dreams of it.

I almost squealed when I saw the muffin. Singapore Airlines' vanilla muffins are always yummy. Soooo rich and moist. Almond slivers YES PLEASE.

Watched Bachelorette (quite disappointed, the jokes were mostly quite trashy), the first half of Magic Mike and about three-quarters of some god awful Chinese flick. Thought it would be a hilarious Hong Kong comedy but it was snore-inducing.

Obligatory pic of the sky.

Obligatory pic of magnificent Christmas decor.

Okay story time!! I had a mild nervous breakdown on the plane because I took my beloved camera out to take pictures only to realise that...I'd left the memory card in my laptop back in Singapore. So basically my camera was USELESS.

So yeah, stuck with the urge to snap away at anything and everything but unable to. I had to beg my sister to lend me her iPod touch so that I could at least get some photos, albeit grainy as helllll.


Went to get some groceries, zonked out at my grandparents' place til like midnight then we headed for a drive and reached home at sunset :)

Day 2~


Bought a memory card (HALLELUJAH) so prepare for crystal clear photos in the next installment of my Aussie vacation posts!


I've been really addicted to Draw Something and Words with Friends. I get so frustrated when I can't play because people make their move lol. Any fun games to recommend?



  1. Waiting for your trip update!! *excited*

  2. Hello dear!! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! You're from Singapore too!!! YES I LOVE IN FLIGHT MEALS especially when they are from SIA!! It's the first thing I look forward to whenever I board the plane hahaha. Waiting for your aussie update! It must have been fun ;)

    Kisses from Singapore
    ♡ Jaslin from

    1. HAHA I know exactly what you mean!! Immediately after boarding the plane I'm like, when are they going to be serving the meals?! Hehe~ :P

      Yes it was fun and I'm excited to blog about it too! Thank you very much for your lovely comment ^^

  3. hey girl! sorry i didn't get back to you sooner
    but thank you for you comment!
    to answer your question, I am 22 and japanese :)

    The DayLee Journal
    Mint Blouse GIVEAWAY

    1. Hi Marsa! Thanks for your comment. And I'm uber jealous! You are a gorgeous young lady :)

  4. Wow, Singapore Airlines meal beats Finnair meal 100-0, lol. Sorry Finnair..
    Okay, you're gonna update us about your trip soon, right?! ;>
    I've been playing Candy Crush Saga on FB (on computer since I still have no smartphone T.T) and I've been thinking it would probably be a lot of fun on smartphone. Maybe you try that one?!

    1. Lmao!! Yes I do play Candy Crush! It's a nice game to play when there's no wifi :P But it gets really frustrating if there's a level I can't beat even after multiple attempts. Minna you should totally get a smartphone!! I'd love to play Draw Something with you :D