Friday, 25 January 2013

Just A Whole Lotta Words


I am soooooo hyper right now I'm this close to exploding into a pink cloud of smoke with some cupcakes and pudding flying at all directions. Doesn't make sense but neither does my life.

Disclaimer: I'm hyper not due to any substances *shifty eyes* or even SUGAR, I think it's because I'm sleep deprived and was really tired throughout the whole day and now that it's almost two in the morning I've passed the point of extreme exhaustion and arrived at LATE NIGHT CRAZY FUN TOWN where full stops are rarely used.

Okay, let me try my darndest to make this blog entry more coherent and less drivel of insanity.

I've had a LOT of motivation to blog the past week or so but unfortunately I haven't had much free time. I just started working. YAY! for having some actual things to do instead of sitting at home counting the cracks on the ceiling after refreshing my Tumblr dashboard for the seven zillionth time, like I've been doing for the past YEAR or so. And DOUBLE YAY! for getting some moolah while doing it! The nay of course is that I'm so plumb tuckered out by the time I reach home at 11 that I have neither the time nor energy to do the leisurely activities which I used to do on a daily basis.

I miss dancing! I miss surfing the interwebs! I miss re-watching old How I Met Your Mother episodes on loop!

Well at least I get to do the last one because I've been having mild insomnia lately (whoopee! #sarcasm) so I whip out my PSP and watch HIMYM til dawn.

The past week has been really stressful for me in terms of academic stuff and trying to find a suitable job...But as one of my favourite sayings goes, "If you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain." and true enough, after the brief but testing period, so many amazing things have come my way!

Kind of private...I may or may not elaborate in the near future when the things are official but I'm truly feeling on top of the world right now!

In addition to how the major aspects of my life are going really well and my current state of hyperactivity, I'm also bouncing off the walls with glee because:


Did I mention that I really REALLY love Nine Muses? Here's hoping that the song will be awesome or at the very least, not make me want to claw out my eardrums and throw them in a blender despite my love for NM.

I have a feeling the song (titled "Dolls") will be pretty darn epic considering the fact that it was produced by the legendary Sweetune, who was also behind other crazily catchy songs such as INFINITE's "The Chaser" and of course Nine Muses' "Figaro" and "News", the latter which I have been unhealthily addicted to for four months and counting. Seriously, during work I hear the harmonies for "News" in my brain! And I couldn't get it out even if I wanted to! Which I don't!


I don't think this needs much explanation and even if I did type out six hundred words documenting my love and obsession for this particular television programme, y'all wouldn't understand how I feel unless you too, are a crazy HIMYM fan.

Emphasis on 'crazy'.


I'm gonna throw in some pictures just for good measure. These were taken with and edited on my new phone. Usually I just take pictures of food which look appealing (omg this just made me remember this hilarious article I read on about people who take pictures of their food and their was this lady snapping a photo of a bread roll and plain water HAHAHAHA super funny) but I've been looking for excuses to use my new 8MP phone camera (a great step up from my previous phone which was a pitiful 2 MP) so pardon the following photos which are not exactly food blog quality :P

Awesome gelato popsicles I had with my darling Peini. Hazelnut for her (I think, sorry this happened like a week ago I kinda forgot) and vanilla with chocolate drizzle coating for me. At the lil stall in the basement at Jcube. They have fruity and creamy popsicles, go try them out! Looking forward to trying a fruit one next time :D

Cheese-baked mussels. I accidentally resized this to be smaller than the rest of the photos in the set without noticing. The little part of me with a hint OCD is twitching in horror.

The crispiest calamari I've had EVER. Seriously take one bite and the crumbs spray across the freaking table like confetti. But sadly they were not the tastiest.

Carbonara with streaky beef instead of bacon. That's new! But sadly the dish as a whole was bad, real bad Michael Jackson (free cookies for people who get the reference).


Alrighty it's almost three o'clock and I've got work tomorrow so I'm gonna go lie in bed watching my newly downloaded videos before getting some much needed rest. Although it is mighty tempting to go catch up on all the new Tumblr posts I've missed out on the past couple of days...No! I am an adult now! A


Just kidding.

Before I go I just wanted to say that, if you read this post from start to finish, you've just read a blog entry that contains almost a thousand words. Me basically talking about nothing except the strange little things in life that make ME happy and probably bores everyone else into a comatose. Nevertheless, I feel that we have established a real connection. It's like we are friends now. Thank you for reading, my newfound internet buddy.

IF, however, you are some kind of psycho stalker, I am going to have to unleash my bodyguards Spike and Tyke upon you. They are bulldogs and they will bite you at your sensitive regions if you ever get all creepy around me.

Okay I'm losing my marbles now bye-bye!


  1. What are you talking about, not food blog quality photos?! They made me hungry! XD Yumyum.
    Hyper is nice! ^_^ You are a very nice internet buddy! ;>
    Congratulations on starting work!
    And, I like Nine Muses, too! But, there are too many groups to like so I won't call myself a fan, but still - all their songs are so good and they are great singers and dancers!

    1. Awwww shucks! You are too sweet! :3
      Thank you so much! And yes! Nine Muses rock!! xD

  2. I am loving the crispy calamari and cheese baked mussels.

    1. Thank you for your comment! They were quite delicious :P