Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Draw Something!

Trying to post from my mobile Blogger app for the first time, hope it all goes well and my blog entry won't look all wonky or get auto-translated to Spanish when I hit 'publish'.

So I've been a bit preoccupied with stuff going on in my life, hence the lack of new posts.

Among the list of ever-so-exciting things that have happened in my life as of late (feel the sarcasm), I finally got upgraded to a smartphone! Yes, laugh all you want. But I did share a Samsung Galaxy Ace with my sister and Mama with which we played games on. And my sister's iPod touch!

Anyway, my mum got me a LG Optimus Vu, which I loathed at first. After all, I wanted a phone, not a big, clunky piece verging on becoming a mini tablet. Despite the near impossibility of operating it using only one hand, the slight difficulty of taking pictures with it and the fact that it makes me look like a tool when I hold it to the side of my face when talking on the phone in public, I've grown to like it. And now that I'm used to it's greater-than-average size (that's what she said), I can no longer have my sister's iPod in my hand and not have my head spin wondering whether or not she used a shrink ray on it. But seriously though all other phones look and feel microscopic to me now. The Optimus Vu has ruined things for me...

Comparison of their sizes...

The Biggo Burrito (unofficial affectionate name of my phone which in no way resembles the Mexican bean and meat delicacy) actually comes with a stylus. Coupled with that marvellous huge screen, it has led to my addiction to Draw Something. And I mean this in the most humble manner possible but my drawings are pre-tty darn good. Compared to about 98% of the people I get paired up with anyways. MUST. RESIST. URGE TO VERBALLY ABUSE SOMEONE WHEN THEY WRITE THE ANSWER INSTEAD OF EVEN ATTEMPTING TO DRAW IT. *deep breaths*

Some drawings by me:

She didn't guess it... I don't blame her, should've made it a little more obvious.

I think I made him look rather handsome lol.

Start a game with me! My username is xRENAE. SERIOUS DRAWERS ONLY >:(


I'm really excited to relive my Aussie vacation while editing the pictures I took! One of the main reasons why I love blogging, I get to document all my precious memories and I always feel all warm and fuzzy when I read them and think, "Awww! I remember that!" :')

I hope I can finish posting up everything before the end of the year tho... :\


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  1. I still haven't "upgraded to a smartphone" yet!!.. T_T It's SO #1 on my "need to buy" -list. I also wanna play this! ^^
    I also want a rather small phone.. but do you mean now you like the big phone better? :D I have been thinking of Samsung Galaxy but even that seems such a big phone lol.