Monday, 25 February 2013

Whipping Up MORE Whipple Cupcakes

Hi there bubbly-boos! I'm typing this out on my phone now,  hope I don't make too many mistakes. Big, fat thumbs and tiny keys: not a good combination.

Anyway, gather round ye children, it's time for


The price and contents are exactly the same as those that were in Part One, but there's a completely different packaging!


Beause all the information about it is listed in the first installment, I'll just skip right ahead to showing you guys the finished products! All designed by moi :)

The Big Ones

Was trying to make a kitty cat but the big red nose makes it look like Rudolph :P

It took a lot of Whipple cream to have those strawberry ears stick at an angle!

This is a fail...It's messy and I don't like it at all >.<

I'm also not a fan of this design...The colours look really dull and I felt that the heart shape could look better. The result of the big cupcakes didn't exactly thrill me... *sigh*

Oh well! On to

The Lil' Ones

which I like waaaay more in comparison! ^_^

I just love how the cream swirl turned out! I piped it out so perfectly it was almost a shame to have to cover part of it with the decoration pieces! Bragging? Who, me? :P

I can't say I love this design, the colours just aren't working for me, but the swirl in the middle pleases me :D

Anyone else craving a vanilla soft serve cone now or is it just me lol.

Love this one!! Finally some colours that POP! Twinkle twinkle~~!

One more shot of the minis coz they made me happy lol.

Alrightly y'all, time for me to get ready to go beddy-bye.

See ya~!


Friday, 22 February 2013

With You Right Here, I'm A Rocketeer

Let's fly~~

(Note: A rocketeer is actually someone who works with space rockets or a rocket enthusiast But still a nice song)

Hi guys!

Sorry about the lack of updates. I haven't been using the computer much and when I do, I get too distracted by all the lulzy things on Tumblr to blog. Every now and then I get these bouts of inspiration to blog up a storm but the unfortunate thing is that the times where I feel this way are usually late at night when I can't use the computer or when I'm pooping.


On the third day of Chinese New Year, my family decided to go to the airport after we bai nian-ed at our relatives house til late at night. They lived fairly near to the airport and we were all feeling a bit peckish. The airport has 24-hour food joints so YAY!!

I will always cheer at the idea of going to the airport, regardless of whether or not I'd be travelling. One of the best airports of the world, if not THE best, it's one of my favourite places and there's so much to do and see. Shop, dine, chill out and watch as the world goes by. Go gaze at airplanes taking off.

It was nice and quiet at night, the chairs peppered with tired travelers catching a snooze.

We went to Aston's (YUM) and I got a side of pasta salad. Soooo good~

Didn't want to eat a full meal coz I was a little bit full from all the snacks I devoured at my relative's house while watching Ah Boys To Men on DVD. It was my third time watching the movie in a span of four days lolololol.

It was pretty cold at the airport too so my sister and I shared a hot chocolate.

It was alright I guess :P

Sneaking a peek into the departure area. Every time I'm there myself, I have so much excitement engulfing me. It's an incredible feeling ❤

After eating, we roamed around the airport and it felt so amazing to run around the big, open spaces. I got a little crazy there :P

Aren't wax replicas of food awesome?!

Gonna go off-topic for a bit:
I love green tea ice cream but it's so hard to find good ones. Every version tastes quite different from each other and a lot just taste horrible, bitter and super artificial. The best I've had so far was Haagen Dazs'. Let me know if you've tasted a brand with really great green tea ice cream!

Goodbye and til next time!

CHANGI AIRPORT ❤ x infinity

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Ah Boys To Men!

Apart from the Chinese New Year celebrations, Singaporeans have also been really hyped up this month over the release of Ah Boys To Men: Part 2!

When the first installment came out late last year I was 110% NOT interested in seeing it. AT ALL. I was like, "meh.", it looks nowhere as epic as Jack Neo's previous films. It just looks like some small-scale production and besides, I'm a girl so I don't give two hoots about NS.


Wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG.

The movie wound up to be tremendously successful and it eventually became the highest-grossing Singaporean film of all time. OF ALL TIME!! WTH?!?!?! It beat Jack Neo's previous blockbusters such as the I Not Stupid series as well as Money No Enough. SERIOUSLY THAT'S AMAZING.

So yeah I was totally wrong and frankly I am now embarrassed.

Nevertheless on CNY eve when my mum told us that she bought the Ah Boys To Men DVD for us to watch I literally screamed, "EEEEEWWW NO THANK YOU".

After watching it?

It. Was.


First of all, [SPOILERS] the war scene in the beginning was ALL SORTS OF EPIC. The effects were great  and it was sort of cool seeing the all-too-familiar Singapore locations getting destroyed because we know that sort of action would never go down on our peaceful and harmonious little island.

It was also really cool to see Qiu Qiu!! I hated Ken for being such a massive jerk to her lol.[SPOILERS END]

I knew that Noah Yap - who has some reeeally funny and relatable Youtube vids - was one of the main cast but I didn't know til after the movie that another actor is also a Youtuber!!

Tosh Zhang, who plays the wickedly funny Sergeant Alex Ong, was handpicked by Jack Neo to be in the film after he saw he vlogs!

I went to watch all of Tosh's videos that day and I seriously laughed so hard my abs got a workout. That guy is hilarious and supa cool.

Not to mention, amazingly talented. You know that freaking catchy theme song to Ah Boys To Men?

Yup, that one.

Well, it was none other than Tosh himself who wrote, composed and performed the whole thing.


I'll admit that I have a teensy little crush on Tosh.


Alright let's calm down...

*deep breath*

Hoooo okayyy.

So yeah I'm really excited to watch what happens in Part 2! Think it's going to be even more snort-inducingly hilarious!

Okie dokie artiechokie that is the end of my very random Ah Boys To Men post which I pretty much wrote because I felt like gushing over how cute and awesome Tosh is ehehehehehh.

Okay bye.

Monday, 11 February 2013



Hope you all had a lovely time with your family, eating great food, collecting ang pows and just soaking in the air of festivity!

Picture credit: Google images

I've edited some more of the Perth vacation pics and I'll be trying to get the blog entries out soon :P

In the meantime, you can follow my photo updates on Instagram!

I figured since I love snapping pics with my new phone so much, might as well get Instagram where I'd also be able to stalk my favourite celebrities and friends. Teehee~!

Take care of yourselves during this period of feasts and snacks! Drink lots of water okay, or y'all are gonna be getting sore throats and stuff.

I had KFC for part of my reunion dinner last night and we got pizza delivery today. Not to mention that I eat my weight's worth of snacks every day...

DAMN IT after Chinese New Year I'm having a week-long cleanse!!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Story of My Wallet

So this is my precious Roxy wallet, my first ever wallet that my mum bought for me four years ago at a Surf Shop in Perth.

As you can see, the beauty of my wallet has been disfigured by the shedding of cloth, leaving patches of emptiness.

After years of wear and tear, it is beyond repair. (OMG THAT RHYMES)

It is now impossible for me to carry it out without leaving a trail of black shreds all over my belongings. Therefore, I have no choice but to...*gulp*

...retire it.



*holds back sobs*

Thank you for your years of service. I'll always remember you!! :'(

So now, my new wallet.

Yes it's a hundred dollar bill lol. I'm really hoping I won't get robbed because of this wallet that I'll be toting around.

Although, in reality,

Two dollar only. Lolololol~

Okay bye!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


New songs fall into three categories for me.

In the first, songs that you can't seem to like no matter how badly you want to. That new song by your favourite singer or band which you so desperately want to like but you just can't.

The second category, songs which you don't love at first but after hearing it a few times, you gradually come to like it. It's like which each listen, the song becomes increasingly catchy.

And the last one, the golden category, songs that you have you hooked instantly. You hear it once and boom. You just know you're going to be listening to it on loop for the next few days, weeks or even months. However long it takes til you start to get sick of it.

For me, SISTAR19's comeback song Gone Not Around Any Longer fell into the third category.

A little back story: You know how in 2011 SISTAR's sub-unit SISTAR19 made waves in the K-pop world with the release of Ma Boy? Vocal powerhouse Hyorin and badass rapper Bora scantily clad in tank tops and mini shorts doing sexy body rolls. It was a pretty big deal.

Although I quite liked the song and I am a big fan of Hyorin, I felt that that overdid the sexiness just a tad and I got a little sickened.

Fast-forward two years and when I saw that SISTAR19 finally released a comeback song and video, my first thought was, "Ugh. Here comes the sluttiness." and that kinda turned me off.

Nevertheless, I clicked on the music video just to check it out for myself.


Within 15 seconds of the song, I fell in love with the beat. Holy shit that is an awesome beat. The song turned out to be all sorts of amazing. A ballad with a bomb ass tempo?! YES PLEASE!

Hyorin is fantastic as always and uber sexy. She just hypnotises me. Sadly Bora's lack of lines does bother me a bit. It's as if SISTAR19 is Hyorin ft. Bora.

But all in all, the song is a big hit for me and I'm gonna be jamming out to it for the next coupla days as well as trying to do the awesome dance that goes with it.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Illuminate My Heart

Hi, darlings!

Wow, I feel so guilty. For the past few days, I keep wanting to blog but the moment I get online, all that motivation just seeps away and I'm left scrolling through Tumblr til my mum kicks me off the computer. I'm finally back now and I've missed my blog so much! *hugs*

Well, on to today's post!

PERTH 2012: DAY 3
18th December 2012, Tuesday

The dinner we had that night. Pepperoni pizza from Domino's with CHEESY CRUST. It was sooooooo good omg #foodgasm

The most adorable little owl ever! On a greeting card at Coles. I love reading all the funny cards while waiting for my mum to shop xD

LEGENDARY bacon deluxe burger. Two flame-grilled beef patties, sandwiched between two slices of cheese and topped off with BACON. DID SOMEONE SAY YUMMMM?!?!

Okay the following are just some wacky light magic pictures I took from inside the car when we went on our midnight drive that night. So I'll be blogging about what went on in the day :)

In case you're wondering how I am able to remember all the things that went down over a month ago, I recorded it in my diary :P

In the morning, I woke up pretty early and played old-school card games with my sister as we ate breakfast. Donkey, Old Maid, Happy Families and Snap. So fun!! (The Donkey card scares the shit out of me. I'll take a photo for you guys, it's super creepy-looking) We also had mini Mastermind, which my sister pwned me at. Harumph.

We went out and it was CRAZILY SUNNY! Soooo hot, all of us were searing in the car. Went to Kardinya shopping centre. Aaaahh! Memories~!!

First stop: KMART!

My mum got me so many awesome things from there it wasn't even funny.

Bought two pairs of skinny jeans, one gray and one in the most fantastical shade of coral EVER.

Normally I'm really boring in my pant colours. Black, dark blue, gray. That's it! But the coral was too pretty to pass up.

The cheapest coloured jeans you'd be able to find in Singapore would probably be about $30-ish, but the Kmart ones were EIGHT AUSSIE DOLLARS. THAT'S RIGHT. EIGHT BUCKS.

But a few days later I found out that I accidentally bought the gray pair one size too small. D'oh! Yes, yes I am such a cotton-headed ninny muggins. Oh well!

In addition to the wonderful pants, I also got a pair of gray canvas shoes ($4!!!!!! Madness!!), some awesome wrist candy, a really pretty T-shirt for THREE BUCKS, and my first tube of Lucas's Papaw Ointment. Which I later found out to be the best damn thing in the universe.

Next we went to Coles to get some groceries blah blah blah and at the cashier I had a moment with the check-out guy who looked kind of like Toby Cavanaugh from Pretty Little Liars!!!!! Mmmm mmmm hot damn!

Okay so after we went home and had dinner (the amazing pepperoni pizza, remember?), we watched Journey 2 The Center of the Earth (or whatever, it has The Rock and Josh Hutcherson and STUPID Vanessa Hudgens in it) in THREE. DEE. That's right, 3D home cinema, no need to worry about the trillions of germs from 3D glasses that everybody else used before you getting on your face when watching at public cinemas! It was mindblowing, there were times where we'd all be like WOOOOAHHHHH THAT ALMOST FLEW AT MY FACE. It was super awesome haha.


View from King's Park. City lights :)

One last photo of squiggly lights!

Aaaanddd I'm off!

Sorry about how totally not well-written this post is. I'm not really in da zone today but nevertheless it was kinda fun just blabbering on and it definitely was a pleasure to relive those Aussie memories :)

Have a great day and I'll try to be back with another post as soon as possible!

Ciao and muah muah muah! Love you~~

Friday, 1 February 2013

Over The Moon...

...wouldn't even begin to describe how I've been feeling for the past 17 hours or so.

Received the best news in the morning, an announcement that has had me holding my breath in anticipation for a long time.

So now that I can rest easy, I'll be trying to post more often! And to actually start getting those Perth blog entries out :P

Damn, I miss Perth.

Meanwhile, a lil update!


L-R: Chocolate, milk, strawberry, lemon, coffee and pistachio.

I am still unable to differentiate between macarons and macaroons, two completely different foods. I had to check Wikipedia lol.

They were reeeeally yummy. Excluding the strawberry, lemon and pistachio ones haha. Pretty colours but I didn't really like the taste of them.

Because macarons are so precious, and also because I was on a diet, I sat down and was like okay, I'm gonna sample one and that will be my treat for the day. I picked up the coffee one and popped it into my mouth. HEAVENLY.

I wound up eating seven of them while watching Janoskians videos. That's right. Seven. At one go.

So yeah my "diet" lasted for about nineteen seconds. New record! I am proud of myself.

How's this for an unusual CNY snack?

I personally hate yam, like seriously HATE it. But these were OH. SO. GOOD.

I think it's because of the chicken seasoning (I typed chickening lol). They are sooo crispy and savoury, aka perfect snack for me.

I wolfed down pretty much the whole tub in three days. That's not good for my body at all.

Well okay it's six in the morning now and I should really be going to bed! Dagnabbit my sleep cycle is screwed once again.

Ciao, my lovelies~!

Muah! Muah! *blows kisses in all directions*

I am a little bit high right now. Think it's because of the exhaustion.

Okay bye.

P.S - I found a bag of SHAPES biscuits in the pantry (I typed panty LOLOLOL) and I can't wait to devour them when I wake up in the morning afternoon evening!