Saturday, 16 February 2013

Ah Boys To Men!

Apart from the Chinese New Year celebrations, Singaporeans have also been really hyped up this month over the release of Ah Boys To Men: Part 2!

When the first installment came out late last year I was 110% NOT interested in seeing it. AT ALL. I was like, "meh.", it looks nowhere as epic as Jack Neo's previous films. It just looks like some small-scale production and besides, I'm a girl so I don't give two hoots about NS.


Wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG.

The movie wound up to be tremendously successful and it eventually became the highest-grossing Singaporean film of all time. OF ALL TIME!! WTH?!?!?! It beat Jack Neo's previous blockbusters such as the I Not Stupid series as well as Money No Enough. SERIOUSLY THAT'S AMAZING.

So yeah I was totally wrong and frankly I am now embarrassed.

Nevertheless on CNY eve when my mum told us that she bought the Ah Boys To Men DVD for us to watch I literally screamed, "EEEEEWWW NO THANK YOU".

After watching it?

It. Was.


First of all, [SPOILERS] the war scene in the beginning was ALL SORTS OF EPIC. The effects were great  and it was sort of cool seeing the all-too-familiar Singapore locations getting destroyed because we know that sort of action would never go down on our peaceful and harmonious little island.

It was also really cool to see Qiu Qiu!! I hated Ken for being such a massive jerk to her lol.[SPOILERS END]

I knew that Noah Yap - who has some reeeally funny and relatable Youtube vids - was one of the main cast but I didn't know til after the movie that another actor is also a Youtuber!!

Tosh Zhang, who plays the wickedly funny Sergeant Alex Ong, was handpicked by Jack Neo to be in the film after he saw he vlogs!

I went to watch all of Tosh's videos that day and I seriously laughed so hard my abs got a workout. That guy is hilarious and supa cool.

Not to mention, amazingly talented. You know that freaking catchy theme song to Ah Boys To Men?

Yup, that one.

Well, it was none other than Tosh himself who wrote, composed and performed the whole thing.


I'll admit that I have a teensy little crush on Tosh.


Alright let's calm down...

*deep breath*

Hoooo okayyy.

So yeah I'm really excited to watch what happens in Part 2! Think it's going to be even more snort-inducingly hilarious!

Okie dokie artiechokie that is the end of my very random Ah Boys To Men post which I pretty much wrote because I felt like gushing over how cute and awesome Tosh is ehehehehehh.

Okay bye.