Monday, 11 February 2013



Hope you all had a lovely time with your family, eating great food, collecting ang pows and just soaking in the air of festivity!

Picture credit: Google images

I've edited some more of the Perth vacation pics and I'll be trying to get the blog entries out soon :P

In the meantime, you can follow my photo updates on Instagram!

I figured since I love snapping pics with my new phone so much, might as well get Instagram where I'd also be able to stalk my favourite celebrities and friends. Teehee~!

Take care of yourselves during this period of feasts and snacks! Drink lots of water okay, or y'all are gonna be getting sore throats and stuff.

I had KFC for part of my reunion dinner last night and we got pizza delivery today. Not to mention that I eat my weight's worth of snacks every day...

DAMN IT after Chinese New Year I'm having a week-long cleanse!!


  1. Woah it's late! But glad to see another post of yours! Hehe, have fun this CNY and yes, we do need to go on a week-long cleanse after all the pigging out! :S :D

  2. happy Lunar New Year! and thanks for your comment! :) haven't been told I look like that girl from Nine Muses before, but thanks :)

    Metallic Paws

  3. Happy CNY too! And I think I need to go on a diet too. All my clothes are suddenly too tight. :(

  4. Ah, I love seeing newcomers on my blog. Thanx for leaving a footprint on my blog.

    OMG! You are from Singapore! My local readers don’t usually leave me comments with their blogger id. Most just leave me comments on my tagboard which I have since removed due to the recent influx of spam and ads.

    Happy CNY to you!

  5. I see your face for the first time, I think you are real pretty with adorable smile!
    Happy Chinese New Year!! Sorry I've been passive with blogs again!

  6. happy CNY too! prosperous years ahead to u !! :)