Friday, 1 February 2013

Over The Moon...

...wouldn't even begin to describe how I've been feeling for the past 17 hours or so.

Received the best news in the morning, an announcement that has had me holding my breath in anticipation for a long time.

So now that I can rest easy, I'll be trying to post more often! And to actually start getting those Perth blog entries out :P

Damn, I miss Perth.

Meanwhile, a lil update!


L-R: Chocolate, milk, strawberry, lemon, coffee and pistachio.

I am still unable to differentiate between macarons and macaroons, two completely different foods. I had to check Wikipedia lol.

They were reeeeally yummy. Excluding the strawberry, lemon and pistachio ones haha. Pretty colours but I didn't really like the taste of them.

Because macarons are so precious, and also because I was on a diet, I sat down and was like okay, I'm gonna sample one and that will be my treat for the day. I picked up the coffee one and popped it into my mouth. HEAVENLY.

I wound up eating seven of them while watching Janoskians videos. That's right. Seven. At one go.

So yeah my "diet" lasted for about nineteen seconds. New record! I am proud of myself.

How's this for an unusual CNY snack?

I personally hate yam, like seriously HATE it. But these were OH. SO. GOOD.

I think it's because of the chicken seasoning (I typed chickening lol). They are sooo crispy and savoury, aka perfect snack for me.

I wolfed down pretty much the whole tub in three days. That's not good for my body at all.

Well okay it's six in the morning now and I should really be going to bed! Dagnabbit my sleep cycle is screwed once again.

Ciao, my lovelies~!

Muah! Muah! *blows kisses in all directions*

I am a little bit high right now. Think it's because of the exhaustion.

Okay bye.

P.S - I found a bag of SHAPES biscuits in the pantry (I typed panty LOLOLOL) and I can't wait to devour them when I wake up in the morning afternoon evening!


  1. I love Macaroons too!! And they are just so sinful and tempting to resist :(

    Kisses from Singapore
    ♡ Jaslin from

    1. Yes!! Deliciously sweet and pretty too! How can anyone resist?

  2. Macarons look so freaking good. I've never tasted them so far :c They are so freaking expensive, too. Congratulations on good news! :)

    1. Oh man Minna you have GOT to try them!! Yes, I agree they are a bit ridiculously high-priced haha. Thank you so much dear!! ^_^