Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Illuminate My Heart

Hi, darlings!

Wow, I feel so guilty. For the past few days, I keep wanting to blog but the moment I get online, all that motivation just seeps away and I'm left scrolling through Tumblr til my mum kicks me off the computer. I'm finally back now and I've missed my blog so much! *hugs*

Well, on to today's post!

PERTH 2012: DAY 3
18th December 2012, Tuesday

The dinner we had that night. Pepperoni pizza from Domino's with CHEESY CRUST. It was sooooooo good omg #foodgasm

The most adorable little owl ever! On a greeting card at Coles. I love reading all the funny cards while waiting for my mum to shop xD

LEGENDARY bacon deluxe burger. Two flame-grilled beef patties, sandwiched between two slices of cheese and topped off with BACON. DID SOMEONE SAY YUMMMM?!?!

Okay the following are just some wacky light magic pictures I took from inside the car when we went on our midnight drive that night. So I'll be blogging about what went on in the day :)

In case you're wondering how I am able to remember all the things that went down over a month ago, I recorded it in my diary :P

In the morning, I woke up pretty early and played old-school card games with my sister as we ate breakfast. Donkey, Old Maid, Happy Families and Snap. So fun!! (The Donkey card scares the shit out of me. I'll take a photo for you guys, it's super creepy-looking) We also had mini Mastermind, which my sister pwned me at. Harumph.

We went out and it was CRAZILY SUNNY! Soooo hot, all of us were searing in the car. Went to Kardinya shopping centre. Aaaahh! Memories~!!

First stop: KMART!

My mum got me so many awesome things from there it wasn't even funny.

Bought two pairs of skinny jeans, one gray and one in the most fantastical shade of coral EVER.

Normally I'm really boring in my pant colours. Black, dark blue, gray. That's it! But the coral was too pretty to pass up.

The cheapest coloured jeans you'd be able to find in Singapore would probably be about $30-ish, but the Kmart ones were EIGHT AUSSIE DOLLARS. THAT'S RIGHT. EIGHT BUCKS.

But a few days later I found out that I accidentally bought the gray pair one size too small. D'oh! Yes, yes I am such a cotton-headed ninny muggins. Oh well!

In addition to the wonderful pants, I also got a pair of gray canvas shoes ($4!!!!!! Madness!!), some awesome wrist candy, a really pretty T-shirt for THREE BUCKS, and my first tube of Lucas's Papaw Ointment. Which I later found out to be the best damn thing in the universe.

Next we went to Coles to get some groceries blah blah blah and at the cashier I had a moment with the check-out guy who looked kind of like Toby Cavanaugh from Pretty Little Liars!!!!! Mmmm mmmm hot damn!

Okay so after we went home and had dinner (the amazing pepperoni pizza, remember?), we watched Journey 2 The Center of the Earth (or whatever, it has The Rock and Josh Hutcherson and STUPID Vanessa Hudgens in it) in THREE. DEE. That's right, 3D home cinema, no need to worry about the trillions of germs from 3D glasses that everybody else used before you getting on your face when watching at public cinemas! It was mindblowing, there were times where we'd all be like WOOOOAHHHHH THAT ALMOST FLEW AT MY FACE. It was super awesome haha.


View from King's Park. City lights :)

One last photo of squiggly lights!

Aaaanddd I'm off!

Sorry about how totally not well-written this post is. I'm not really in da zone today but nevertheless it was kinda fun just blabbering on and it definitely was a pleasure to relive those Aussie memories :)

Have a great day and I'll try to be back with another post as soon as possible!

Ciao and muah muah muah! Love you~~


  1. Fun light photos haha! And I JUST had lunch, but you still managed to make me hungry with those photos!! Grrr. Haha!
    I love all the cute things you find in every corner in Asia, awwh! Like that owl that really is the cutest little owl ever! ^^

    1. Awww thanks Minna! And yep, the owl is soooo adorable~~ ^^

  2. Ohhhh.. that burger is making me drool! And that owl is sooo adorable. I love reading random greeting cards in bookstores whenever I'm waiting for somebody too! Too bad people rarely use greeting cards these days.


    1. Agreed! Most of them are a bit pricey but I bet it'd brighten up anybody's day to receive a surprise greeting card :)

  3. Aww... can't wait to hear all of your journey in perth!! tell us all about it!! ^^