Wednesday, 6 February 2013


New songs fall into three categories for me.

In the first, songs that you can't seem to like no matter how badly you want to. That new song by your favourite singer or band which you so desperately want to like but you just can't.

The second category, songs which you don't love at first but after hearing it a few times, you gradually come to like it. It's like which each listen, the song becomes increasingly catchy.

And the last one, the golden category, songs that you have you hooked instantly. You hear it once and boom. You just know you're going to be listening to it on loop for the next few days, weeks or even months. However long it takes til you start to get sick of it.

For me, SISTAR19's comeback song Gone Not Around Any Longer fell into the third category.

A little back story: You know how in 2011 SISTAR's sub-unit SISTAR19 made waves in the K-pop world with the release of Ma Boy? Vocal powerhouse Hyorin and badass rapper Bora scantily clad in tank tops and mini shorts doing sexy body rolls. It was a pretty big deal.

Although I quite liked the song and I am a big fan of Hyorin, I felt that that overdid the sexiness just a tad and I got a little sickened.

Fast-forward two years and when I saw that SISTAR19 finally released a comeback song and video, my first thought was, "Ugh. Here comes the sluttiness." and that kinda turned me off.

Nevertheless, I clicked on the music video just to check it out for myself.


Within 15 seconds of the song, I fell in love with the beat. Holy shit that is an awesome beat. The song turned out to be all sorts of amazing. A ballad with a bomb ass tempo?! YES PLEASE!

Hyorin is fantastic as always and uber sexy. She just hypnotises me. Sadly Bora's lack of lines does bother me a bit. It's as if SISTAR19 is Hyorin ft. Bora.

But all in all, the song is a big hit for me and I'm gonna be jamming out to it for the next coupla days as well as trying to do the awesome dance that goes with it.


  1. I like Sistar and I'm also a big fan of Hyorin. Boy, does she have everything, the skills to sing and dance, the energy and charisma, and she's cute and sexy. I like the new song, but for me it wasn't so special. I thought the beat is not for ballad or a dance song but something werid in between. I gotta give it another try and try to make sense out of it haha. The dance is nice, but Sistar is taking the whole "butt dance" concept bit too far soon. :'D

  2. I love sistar! Their bodies are so amazing *_* my favourite song is my boy! *body wave ;)

    1. Yes, I am extremely jealous of their perfect figures T^T

      Great choice! Haha~ :P